How come Houses in Mexico are made of cement & bricks , but in USA are made of card board & wood?
Mexico City (Ciudad de México) could be the capital of Mexico and an amazing town surround...
What is the material cut off both the fire and cheap
Now there are a lot of white iron keel plus gypsum board partition, both convenient constr...
How to do noise insulation how to deal with wall noise
With the wooden side in the wall to make a grid, the average size of the average, and then...
Attic with a channel steel structure, covered with aluminum instead of wood multilayer? Is it feasible?
Do not need such a complex, directly in the steel structure on the shop 20-24MM thick fibe...
should i stucco over cement board or plywood?
yea after the rip off you need to staple some felt paper (some people call it tar paper) t...
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