How are plastic products formed?
5 、 blow molding, blow molding, used in thermoplastics. This is the molten plastic in the ...
What are the plastic forming dies?
2., the so-called mold (Mold) refers to the resin material into the metal model after the ...
What's the maximum size of the automatic packing machine?
Be sure that the latter machine will be larger. As far as the standard pillow packaging ma...
The film pulling mechanism of the vertical bag forming machine is a little inclined at the left of the synchronous toothed belt pulley
Should be the band went partial tilt on why. The bottom belt is recommended for seamless u...
How long is the distance between the molding machine and the roller in the vertical automatic packing machine?
No regulation, you see how much to reduce the effect of sealing, the best tune on their ow...
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