What is a geomembrane used for?
The geomembraneis is impermeable material made of plastic film as anti-seepage material, a...
What are the standards of PE seepage-proof geomembranes?
Geomembranes is a kind of waterproof barrier membrane with high-molecular polymers as basi...
Does computer need to stick screen protecting film?
It is better to stick film. In addition to anti-scratch, there are two benefits: The first...
How does the brand ranking of the insulation ability of the glass film?
The amber Optical nano ceramic insulation film is the world's first and only a multilayer ...
When using two cloth a film of composite geo membrane to lay the roadbed surface, the geomembrane have two sides of hair and smooth, which one is on the top, why?
The specifications: 1. One cloth one film bath cloth: The thickness of the film is 100-100...
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