Can the camera lens be repainted again?
but the quality of recovery will be resigned, because the coating and lenses The same time...
Film SLR camera lens on the aperture ring is how to use it?
aperture. The The You bought the film, sure to know. No longer say. 22 16 11 8 4 2.8 2 1.8...
How do I know if the lens of the camera is glass or resin?
Dedicated precision instruments can be tested, but with the easiest way to do the followin...
The focal length of the SLR camera lens is calculated
Take 50mm as an example. In the full camera do not multiply by the coefficient, that is, 5...
What are the A and M on the SLR camera lens?
3, S: shutter priority exposure mode. Set an exposure time, the camera according to the li...
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