How do I know if the lens of the camera is glass or resin?
   This is because the glass thermal conductivity is much larger than the thermal conducti...
How long is the life of the SLR camera, how long is the life of the lens?
Professional-grade SLR camera shutter trouble-free work is the minimum limit of 100,000 ti...
SLR camera lens how to look at the optical zoom? The maximum number of times?
SLR camera lens does not look zoom, but look at the focal length. Generally divided into t...
SLR camera lens what brand of easy to use point?
Rich words, the proposed original (Canon's red circle, Nikon's gold ring) or Zeiss lens, t...
Camera lens does not go back, do not stretch, how do?
he performance can not be completely retracted or can not be fully extended and to the sid...
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