Can the camera lens be mounted on the camera for a long time?
pay attention to change the lens When: 1 remove the lens after the lens body interface dow...
Camera lens on a small amount of dust is not a little impact on the quality of imaging?
2, small aperture shot specific objects If you use a small aperture to shoot light objects...
What is the difference between the optical zoom of the SLR camera and the optical zoom of the card machine?
The difference between the two: 1, SLR large volume weight, card machine small and light. ...
Will my Canon 600d camera lens how automatic focus can not!
Canon all the cameras are no body motor, all the focus is to rely on the lens motor to com...
Micro single camera lens that kind of good
Micro-single-camera anti-shake is mainly using the body anti-shake and lens anti-shake. Ol...
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