What is the material of calcium silicate board
Green: the use of raw materials without radioactive ingredients and volatile organic compo...
Calcium silicate board is not asbestos?
Some ah In fact, each brand is there, asbestos is carcinogenic, so now most do not use. Bu...
Should go to what unit inspection, please experience the peer talk about, thank you!
1. Fire detection is generally only the National Building Materials Testing Center to dete...
Calcium silicate board in the water soak for a long time will become soft or other problems, the surface can be how long the colorful paint can fade or other problems
Calcium silicate board is a waterproof product, soaked inside the water and then long will...
Calcium silicate board surface smooth it? Waterproof? Can I use this board to do the outdoor door?
Calcium silicate board is the biggest characteristic of waterproof fire, stable performanc...
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