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Led plant lights, 7 white and 2 blue, useful for water lilies?
2 blue with a little, LED is a single color white is white, mitsuaki, no use of plants!...
Gasoline generator coil wiring diagram
4) regulator pin contact (5) short circuit voltage surge suppressor (6) rotating diode dam...
The main processing range of milling, what milling cutters are used for processing?
Side milling, then use the end mill, wash the plane workpiece, if the large disk milling m...
What type of water additive would prolong a bouquet of roses?
Add 1 teaspoon of bleach and 1 teaspoon of sugar. The bleach stops mold and mildew and the...
How much diesel would you save per year by switching from incandescent to CFL?
1 Kwh 3.6 MJ. If you use each light 4 hours per day, and each was 100 watts, that is 4 x...
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