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I know of a person that has a 94 lincoln town car. when ever they drive it now recently sometimes the check air suspension light comes on and when you turn it makes a sort of creaking sound like the steering column has to be greased or something. anyone can help with this problem? and about how much would it cost to get the problem fixed. Thanks for any help that will be useful.
The air suspension is controlled by a level sensor that is connected to the rear axle by s...
Water flowing at a rate of 0.723 kg.s-1enters the inside of a counter flow heat exchanger at 300K and is heated in an oil stream that enters at 385K at a rate of 3.2 kg.s-1. The heat capacity of the oil and the water is 1.89 4.192 The overall heat transfer coefficient of the exchanger is 300 W.m-2K-1and the area for heat transfer is 15.4 m2.Calculate the effectiveness of the heat exchanger
I happen to keep a programme for heat exchangers that I had used, for educanional purposes...
The distance from the pump button to the ground
After confirming that the fire pump has started running, issue a command signal to the hyd...
can magnet repel gravitational pull?how can magnet defeat gravitation? please explain it it possible that magnet can win against gravity?if not,what would be the best weakness of gravity?please answer as clear as you can that can be understood by a commoner like me; because honestly speaking, I'm not good in PhysicsI'm sorry about thatthank you^^
Think of it like this- magnets can pull things towards them, and so can gravityIf the magn...
Ride now im riding a 100 duro 52mm do you think it will be ok to go to a 101a 50 mm pig wheels ? or should i try and stay away from a wheel that hard and small?
i would definatly say cold air intake, basically all it does is take fresh cold air into y...
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