What's the ratio of pure milk to yogurt in yogurt machine?
3, cool pure milk into the yogurt machine inner liner, at the same time, 1 cups of yogurt ...
Why can't I use yoghurt machine to make yoghurt?
It doesn't matter if you drop in the water. I think you put more milk in it. Try to put le...
Would like to ask to use yogurt machine yogurt, water do not?
(5) on the 35 degree about C temperature fermentation (if it is not available, a clean gau...
What is a yogurt machine?
Use common sensePrepare before useA, yogurt machine preparation:Clean the yogurt machine, ...
If the yogurt machine yogurt more than 20 hours can still eat it?
Yogurt fermentation bacteria are anaerobic bacteria, the general anaerobic bacteria are ha...
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