Similar to the color steel tile, floor board, the roof of the push is how much ah
5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm and 25 cm The general material 5 cm price between 45 to 75 yuan; 75 cm ...
What is the difference between the board and the core board? The The
Cantilevered scaffolding should use biaxial symmetrical section of the steel, which is usu...
Consult the requirements of the flame retardant 0 standard from which the standard standard, and then ask the next level 0 flame retardant standard self-extinguishing time is how much. More
Clamp material, and pressure ah, a little bit of deformation of the clamp will lead to the...
Sandwich board is the two sides are metal, the middle of the building materials is the problem of foam added: What is the use of more adhesive
Wood insulation effect can be, the smaller the density the better insulation, asbestos or ...
This is not required, the requirements of the interval of the wall to meet the fire requirements of fire resistance or fire time requirements. The Applicable Scope of Molybdenum Sandwich Panel
Color steel sandwich panels have the effect of thermal insulation, these two types of pane...
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