What's the difference between a good bed and a bad bed?
Difference:Material: Wooden (distinguish accord with human body magnetic field), steel bed...
Which brand is better for sofa bed?
Choose a sofa bed: Guan Jian is to see the structure and material of the bed, in China, th...
Is it difficult to damage the wooden floor when pulling and pulling the sofa bed?
Sure to hurt the wooden floor. Because when you smoke flat, there is friction, so it is re...
Sofa bed how to put down, sofa bed how should buy?
The sofa bed is another way of folding sofa bed, backrest and seat by a locking mechanism ...
How to choose a good quality sofa bed by looking at the foam sponge in the sofa bed?
In order to improve the sitting comfort, some foam to reduce the density in the premise, d...
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