If sound doesnt travel through a vacuum, why are vacuum cleaners so loud?
Some comments: Vacuum literally means, a space containing nothing. Vacuum in that sense do...
what would you do if you woke up one day and had vacuum cleaners for legs.?
I would learn how to skate with them, and advertise myself as the Dancing Clean-up Woman....
are dirt devil vacuum cleaners evil?
I'm afraid they are evil, but dust and grime and not vacuuming is more evil so on balance ...
Do You Hate Vacuum Cleaners With Cords?
One reason only to use one with a cord!!! The cordless type don't have any power!! If they...
Vacuum Cleaners - Durable but reasonably priced?
I have a bissell. Probably bought between $20 to $40 at Walmart. It's not huge but not ski...
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