I'm 22 married with no children. Just received my bachelors in february. Currently working in a salaried sales position, ben there 9 months, about 100 miles from my home and im completely miserable. I really want to pursue my dream of being a real estate agent. I love the independence of the career. I'm wondering, though, if I could even make money as an agent now? Im young but I still have bills that need to be paid so I cant pursue something that won't bring us money.
Stay with the job that you are at and start your real estate career part time. That way yo...
So right now I just finish high school see the thing is School is not for me im working at burger king right now making about 15,000 a year full time. I want to get into the real estate because I love houses and I love to sell most people tell me people earn around 40k their first year which is not bad to what im making lol. I heard there are people who become millionare's over real estate so SHOULD I GO FOR REAL ESTATE?
Real Estate is not as easy as most people think. But if that is your passion, I say go for...
I am interested in Real Estate. HOW do I get my degree? What books do I need? How do I get them? How much will it cost me? Can you please help me out? Thanks! :)
i know you have to take a test that is hard as hell to pass....
Realtor Real Estate Agent
A good broker can help you make sound decisions and guide you through what might easily be...
Is it possible to start collecting renthouses while working a trade? Im a floor layer and im trying to pick up a part time job if i get the part time job i should start making around 800 a week. Is that insufficient to take on a journey like real estate?
Most real estate investors get involved in investing in real estate on the lower rungs. Th...
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