Is it okay to have a 1200 watt power cable hooked up to a 400 watt amp?
Yeah, the 1200w power rating means that that cable can handle up to 1200W so that's fine. ...
Whether high voltage cables can be built in belt corridors
First of all, it should be noted that the short circuit is caused by the current is too la...
what is the standard distance to run cat5 parallel to power cable?
it could be ok at a few inches however i personally had experience where it had to be a fe...
what are the power requirments of 7950gt graphics card?
400-500 watts will be fine. I ran mine on a 430 watt antec for about 18 months just fine. ...
Copper core power cable models which several kinds
First, the total number of wire and cable products are thousands, applied in all walks of ...
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