1.5KW water pump caliber is 40, what is the flow rate?
Because you provide a wide range of data, there are several models and lift and flow, if y...
What are some possible symptoms of a car with a Water Pump that is On its way out?
Water pumps have a small weep hole that leaks coolant when the pump seal is bad. If the me...
what are the symtoms of a bad water pump?
Overheating....watch the temperature gauge!! Yes...the pump could be bad too. How's the ra...
1999 malibu 3.1 v-6 water pump???
I would first check to see if there is any circulation in the radiator, with motor cold an...
Can a power steering pump damage water pump?
If the same belt goes to the water pump and has been really over tighten. It can cause rea...
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