I need to cut a 4-5 hole in fiber cement shingle. any advice as to which brand and type of hole saw?
if you only need it for one hole get a cheap one, cement board is hard on any hole saw so ...
When tiling countertops, can you glue the tiles directly to the wood or do you need cement board?
You can use two layers of 3/4 going cross grain to the bottom but there still is the possi...
is taping cement board necessary?
its a waste of time to tape the joints. once the substrate is combed with cement its bonde...
what's the best way to remove old school cement board (from a shower)?
I believe you are messing with lath & plaster ? they didnot make cement board in the 5...
How to choose the external wall of fiber composite insulation board fire isolation zone
Different regions can choose different foam thickness of the insulation decorative plate. ...
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