Hi Guys what us the best bluetooth speaker system for iphone, dosent need to be super compact. I a more concerned with audio quality than the size. I found Sony SRSBTM30 and Altec Lansing inMotion SoundBlade , which one of them is good? If anyone knows any other good product feel free to shareThanks,
Hello, I wanted to comment on this even though I see that this is over 4 years old. I wan...
How do you demagnetize stereo speakers?
99.999% of all speakers made since about 1930 use a permanent magnet as part of the mechan...
I own a 1999 Mercury cougar and I am going to change out my speakers. I foundthese speakers really cheap and I want to know if I can put them in my car.The speakers have,Voltage: 12v Speaker Design: 4-way Material: Iron Type: Speaker speaker: black Does the size of the speaker matter. where could I get it installed
yeah okorder...
basically I want to buy a couple of speakers and I want to know the difference between 100 watts 8 ohm speakers and 100 watts 6 ohm speakers. I don't wich one is best. or depends of the amplifier I have.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I've never heard of 6 ohm speakers, so I'll stick to the traditional speakers of 16o...
I have a sony system and it has 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer. The sony mini hi-fi system has the speaker ports for the sub and the 2 speakers. I also have another 2 speakers I want to hook up to the system. Is there a way I can wire this or buy something cheap to split the connections in my receiver so I can have all 4 speakers and the sub work at the same time on 1 receiver. Please Help!!!
You can wire the speakers in parallel or series, depending on the amplifier and the speake...
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