Adhesive Tape

what's strong enough to hold up a road sign in my room?
Major flaw 1: if you are acting like a trespasser and someone (like a neighbor or any inte...
What is going on with my sleep?
The fuse(s) should be as close as possible to where the alarm is wired into the car's elec...
Removing hardwood flooring glued down to linoleum?
Two-way pagers have remote control functions built-in, allowing the user to arm and disarm...
Why do the fire alarms in my house go off when there is no fire?
It is illegal to park in front of any hydrant no matter what color it is. The area where a...
Am i the only one in school when I hear the fire alarm I thik of the game SCP: Containment Breach?
Yes you can replace it and it's easy enough. Only thing I ask is to inspect your heat exch...
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