What are the high-end brands in the tiles?
Golden rudder ceramic is to take the noble and luxurious line, to grade people to build, p...
does any one know where to find any harvest gold bathroom tiles?? it was a color that was big in the 70‘s but it is almost impossible to find it now in stores..does anyone know of any stores or webites that sell them please let me know i need them for replacements
Harvest Gold Bathroom...
i don‘t even know how to explain what i want to ask.. but here i go....how do you make sure they come out straight. i know how to lay them but how do you make sure the second row comes out straight at the other end. I guess i need help lining them. chalk line will help but how do i do it. is there a website or video that may help me. ((( i lay down the first row along the chalk straight line. i then lay down one half tile at the end of the first tile row. then i continue with the full tile so i can get a staggered look. but how do i make sure that the second row is dead on? help if you can thanks. also if you have any other advice for laying staggered floor tile let me know. thanks.20x20 Porcelain floor tile.
The best thing to do is snap a chalk line down the center of the room, lengthwise. Then sn...
my husband put in tile in the motel i work at and it is ceramic tile and some of the rooms are popping up up can you tell me why? by the way could it be the climate i live in florida!
I would say either the wrong substrate was used. Substrate is the material directly under ...
Hi, I was wondering what type of tile is easier to lay down on a bathroom floor, large, single tiles or small tiles that are connected together by mesh. I have never done anything like this before, so any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
depending on the size of your bathroom. dont use them 1x1 tile you spen more time cleaning...
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