When using the guide rail and the slider, there are two kinds of rails and sliders, interchangeability and non interchangeability.
The so-called interchangeability and non interchangeability, refers to the guide rail and ...
Who knows what kind of grease the elevator guide uses?
If the lubrication effect is good, of course, the guide rail for lubricating oil. And from...
What about Mobil 68 guide oil?
Used 68 of other brands, but also good, but also to see what you use in products, and some...
Can the elevator guide stand be fixed on ordinary red bricks?
Your elevator shaft is red brick, seven and 80s old floor bar, guide brackets can not be d...
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the V type guideway used in machine tools?
V type roller guide rail runs at a relatively fast speed, free of lubrication and low nois...
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