I am putting in a new water pump this morning on my 2006 chevy trail blazer and i rented the clutch fan removal tools but im new at this and i cant afford anyone else to do it. any advice for a rookie it looks so simple am i wrong
you want to make sure the gasket surfaces are clean, have both std and metric sockets and ...
1.5 kW three-phase pump with 600 meters line, should match what big line?
Do you want to see the line loss how much pressure drop, if you want to ensure the working...
Just touch this area, a lot of places do not understandFor example, I have a water pump, for 11kw, choose circuit breaker, then what model should be chosen more appropriate, it is best to recommend a Schneider, universal DW recommend oneCan explain in detail, better, I checked online selection manual, there are many places that feel fuzzyIn addition, 37KW, 22KW, 1.5KW each choose what type?Hope predecessors give advice
If it is a single-phase motor, rated current is 75A; three is about 30A; the contactor sho...
i have a 2003 dodge neon and my thermostat keeps rising to the highes level setting off the indicator (its not broken) i did have a leak in the raiditor and it was very notice able..after pacthing is up there was noproblem till yesterday now the thermostat keeps rising i admit the is very little antifreeze in ther and the rest is water but the is the same mixture tha was in the care that it was rinning off for the last three minths i cannot seem to keep the thermostat down my raiditor is in nee of repair but i m wondering if its the water pump does the water pum help regulate engine temperture? ther are no ivsible leaks and no drippiage could it be that i just need to put antifreeze or could it be the water pump or a broken raidiator? help i will give points for best anwser but really i just need help!
All water pumps have what is called a weep hole and when the water pump seal goes out anti...
Pump pumping small is what happened?
Water pump pumping is small because of insufficient water source or pump head is not enoug...
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