The coil of an AC motor has a resistance of 5 ohms. The motor is plugged into an outlet where V=120V (rms) and the coil develops a back emf of 118V (rms) when rotating at normal speed. The motor is turning a wheela)Find the current (rms) when the motor first starts upb)Find the current when the motor is operating at normal speed
At the moment the motor starts it has no back emf developed, so the current is (from Ohm's...
I'm looking for a general overview of the pros and cons of AC and DC motors. (assuming that both are Brushless)and a couple more things..DC motors are suppose to be more efficient, but isn't DC in general MUCH more inefficient than AC?Is there really that much of a difference between an AC motor and a DC motor in stability at high speeds?
I've replaced a blower motor in my home AC with a similar motor. It's the same 1075 rpm, but 1/2 hp instead of 3/4 hp (as the old one had). How will it affect my AC performance? Does this power rating matter? It seems that if it's the same squirrel cage and the same RPM,the air flow should be the same.Thank you.
Yes, it does matter. The horse power rating has to do with the motors ability to turn and ...
i have an electric lawn mower... the plug into the wall type. and i happen to have an extra 12v car battery, and a bike. will an ac motor run on a 12v battery? obviously it wont be very fast... if i want fast i'll ride my hayabusa... i just wanna know if it will work.
Probably it would work, as most 120 volt appliances use a universal motor which operates o...
It used to blow only on Medium setting. now none of the settings work. the fan will not blow. i put direct power to motor and it worked.What part do i need to fix this? if can go to autozone and copy and paste the page of the part i need.That You Very Much!
check the fuse and relay if they are good check linkage to console switch...
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