i was thinking of taking a class in real estate transaction and work for a mortgage broker or maybe even as an appraisal, im not sure though i don't know which one would be more money and beneficial!
It's not so much a career, as a business. If you have business skills, ok check with your ...
real-estate investor
I agree with the previous poster. You need to know alot about the business. You should hav...
I signed the offer to purchase real estate on this past Saturday with the listing broker and my broker [represents me], but the seller did not sign it that day i.e., Saturday. On Sunday I had second thoughts so I told my broker don't want the house at 2 PM and she immediately told the listing broker the deal is off. The catch is on Sunday [time is unknown because no time stamp on fax] the seller signed the offer to purchase real estate. Is the offer to purchase real estate still valid and enforcable?The problem is the listing broker refuses to give me back the check, she deposited on this past Monday. I had my broker contact the listing broker, but that got no where. The listing broker supposely has hired a lawyer for consule. I don't want to go through an inspection to get out of it because it will cost a couple hundred dollars and would be a real hassle to face the listing broker not to mentioned the expiration date to do the inspection would be tomorrow i.e., 3/9.
When you signed, you agreed to the deal. The deal probably does have an escape clause, but...
I am starting a new job this monday, as an "administrator" at a real estate firm. I have done some research about this industry, and the agency I will be working for (old family friends who just opened) have educated me and told me a lot of information, and I'm sure as the time goes on I will be exposed and learn more. I am seriously, in the future of thinking of becoming an agent. Please reply, and only real estate agents who are/or have been in the business (or people who do know about what it's like to be an agent)...your success stories, the pros and cons, is it true, as I have heard that agents can do extremely well? Please tell me everything.Thanks
If you're really good at selling real estate, then you can earn oodles of $$$$...
Okay I want to become a real estate agent, but I don't know where to start. So my question is, where do I begin? I am 14 and I am very smart (valedictorian) and I absolutely love math. What college should I go? Feed bak please what do you think any tips?
sooooo sorry if this dont help :( good luck!! :D...
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