The copper wire in the charger is broken. Why can you use it?
For safety or no use, short circuit fire is dangerous, and it is not good for the machine,...
Why do you need to clean copper wire and zinc wire when you make a zinc copper galvanic battery?
Copper and zinc with two electrodes immersed in dilute H2SO4, because the ratio of copper ...
A copper wire is placed on a candle. Why does the candle go out?
A candle is extinguished and bent in a spiral form to absorb more heat. It does not exting...
Where can I buy very fine, very fine copper wire?
To buy a metal net store, is a hardware store, there are various specifications of iron co...
How does the telephone line connect with the cat? (the telephone line has no connection, just two copper wires)
It's better to make two wires into a crystal head, then go to the market and buy a convers...
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