Zhongmei brand shake cradle used for coal mining

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Shake can be a swing rail station for the period of one end to swing around a fixed axis, the other end of the cage when the shaking stopped after a good lap on the rail tip cage lining the edge of the tank and side yard to pick up the track and out of the cage to facilitate the tub.

Product Detail:

Cradle product introduction

Shake can swing rail station for the period of one end to swing around a fixed axis, the other end of the cage when the shaking stoppedafter a good lap on the rail tip cage lining the edge of the tank and side yard to pick up the track and out of the cage to facilitate thetub. When the cradle is lifted, a security clearance enough cradle on the most prominent part shape and tank cage. Shake left between the tip of the front end, when working with the tank rail liner lap, shaking the tip is hinged on thearm, can be free to rotate a certain angle, and rolling pointed tail is provided with a counterweight, which are often up front. When the accident of shake down, the tank cage shake down, rotating tip head bump, and allow the cage safety through. Shake structure tip and guide lining ensures the cradle and the cage of lap, lateral reliable positioning, thereby cage inside and outside the track will not misplace, and avoid car down accident.

Operating mechanism cradle is disengaged form, with no fixed connection. When the hydraulic cylinder piston rod extends out, push the crank pulley to swing, and guarantee the rocker can stable is lifted state, when the hydraulic cylinder piston rodis retracted, the rocker arm to fall, the front wave lapped on the edge of the tip guide cage lining. In order to prevent the rocker arm drop impact too hard or emergency manual control, it can adjust the weight block position and quantity. The main characteristic of this structure is the cradle of lap in the cage on the edge of the cage after, due to changes in the elastic deformation of the wire rope load and lifting, rocker arm can swing with cage without hindrance the accident occurred. When the rocker arm down, cage under the direction of two can be, and will not cause significant damage. CCTC plate chain trolley machine complete machine operation equipment mainly for mine various hoisting on and off field loading and unloading tramcar and single or group transportation vehicle. Tramcar meet pawl push, and pull clawreaming car axle. The plank chain trolley machine complete machine operation equipment for combined a series of products, its form, size and main technical performance parameters with high standardization, plank chain trolley machine level. Exercise in the cage shaft yard handling car car equipment; can realize the cage for loading, unloading, location, transportation and other functions; can cancel the car pusher, a tank resistance pull device two sets of equipment, and realize multi-use of one machine. The plank chain trolley machine complete machine operation equipment includes: the plank chain trolley machine, roll table, car arrester, security door, the plank chain trolley machine complete car equipment, hydraulic system of plank chain trolley machine complete operating vehicle equipment electronic control signal device and other components.

 Plate chain pusher is plate chain trolley consists of a list of tracks on the composition,and the pin shaft is arranged at the bottom chain board trolley equidistant in length. Plate chain is installed on the car using the pawl and pawl push pull claw, tramcar meet, the pull claw acting on the car axle or baffle. The cart is hinged and the tail end of the push plate chain trolley claw, pushing claw lifting car to car to push forward; and the tail end of the plate is hinged chain trolley cart for the pull claw. The pull claw is installed a wheel, when the wheel after orbit fixed rev claw curved rail, the pull claw lift automatically, pulling off its head car axle forward. Operating device to push or pull claw claw in car along the direction after touch down, plate chain trolley running from the car below.

Cradle technology parameter

Model specification Gruge( mm) Rocker arm length(mm) Import vehicle center side shaft rail surface high elevation(mm) Adjust height(mm) Equipped with hydraulic cylinder       
YC6/0.8 600 800800 75 150 G1¢50,S=300
YC6/0.8 900 800 800   G1¢50,S=300
YC6/1.0 600 1000 1000 100 200 G1¢50,S=300
YC6/1.0 900 1000 1000   G1¢50,S=300
YC6/1.5 900 1500 1500 150 300 G1¢50,S=300
YC6/1.5 900 1500 1500   G1¢50,S=300
YC6/2.3 600 2000 2000 200 400 G1¢50,S=300
YC6/2.3 900 2000 2000   G1¢50,S=300
YC6/2.8 600 2300 2300 250 500 G1¢50,S=300
YC6/2.8 900 2300 2300   G1¢50,S=300
YC6/3.0 600 2400 2400 300 600 G1¢50,S=300
YC6/2.8 900 2400 2400   G1¢50,S=300

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