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Product Description:


willow fence

made of natural osier with fine craft

artistic,durable and easy to erect

for home&garden deco to make privacy

Product Description:

Willow fences and screens are made from vertical willow sticks tightly

woven together with galvanized steel wire. Willow fencing and screening

are suitable for an informal garden.Rapidly renewable natural bentwood

material like willow make wonderful fences for outdoor and indoor decoration,

our exclusive pre-build fences panels are designed to beautify your home garden

as well as practical well build fences with easy set up. Different styles and sizes

to suite your needs.

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Q:Where to Show Gardening Pictures
hey okorder.com
Q:What should I grow in my vegtable garden first this year?
If you would like an early crop- try some onions, plant some strawberries( they take 2 years to bear fruit, though), and some carrots. Cucumbers are fine if you have room , as are beans and even 4 rows of corn or more. be sure to keep the corn rows north of the other vegetables, as they grow tall and impede sunlight. Tomatoes of course are easy and drought-tolerant and fungal-resistant varieties do very well. Remember to weed properly, and water them later in the day to avoid fungi.
Q:Christ making HOME in our hearts?
You have a valid point. We all need to make our hearts home to God. Christ is like a dove and we are to create the nest.
Q:Did brother Adam take his rib out to barbeque when he came back home from the garden?
no my friend... read the bible in genesis...he's a vegetarian way back then. you say why? cause he's the caretaker of the garden. so he'll never do barbeque it.
Q:Home grown herbs and vaporizing?
There are many, see the vaporbrothers website, and google for it. Damiana, some sages, and others. I don't have my list in front of me right now. A lot of calming teas can be vaporized, but be careful with your garden, go organic and no pesticides.
Q:Is there a home remedy to kill ants and insects to use in my vegetable garden?
The previous responant mentioned aspartame...actually, aspartame was origonally created as a pesticide/poison, but since the agriculture market is already flooded with plenty of chemicals, an dsince the product is sweet, Sir Donald Rumsfeld and company decided to sell it to food companies for a greater profit. As for an effective way to rid the garden of ants, plant mint. But be careful, becasue mint is invasive. Instead, plant in pots and place pots around yard and garden and the ants will leave, they cannot stand the smell. And as a bonus, the mint is great for tea, mint juleps, and more.
Q:Is there a Gardening for Dummies site ?
Just okorder.com for articles and plant stuff.
Q:Is it possible for a family to live off of only vegetables from a garden and eggs from a hen coop?
Not for very long on that type of diet. Hens lay for a while but they are cyclic during the winter. This means you have fewer eggs every day. During the laying season 1 egg per hen is the most you will get, during the winter it is more like 1 egg for 3 hens. To provide food for a small family you need land that can be cultivated 80 or so acres per person is a rough estimate and that takes a lot of work to prepare the land, plant and grow and then harvest. I suggest you read about home gardens and square foot gardening and try your own home garden next season.
Q:Think I have a woodchuck burrowed next to my garden. How can i get rid of it before it makes a permanent home
you can try buying either fox urine or coyote urine at a garden center; worked for me but then a family of skunks set of residence.
Q:how do you keep snakes out of your garden and home --?
If your afraid of them I was told and tried it take some old garden hose and cut it into 4 foot sections and spray paint it black and yellow and place it arround your garden snakes dont like to cross over other snakes and will avoid that area , good luck

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