Whirlpool Bathtub in Morden Style

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Select configuration:(Optional function)

1.air bubble pump system:250W wind pump,10 jets controlled by air switch
2.thermostatic faucet:copper material,control temperature stably,CE certification
3.ozone level induce
4.water level induce
5.RV control button
6.chromatic lamp:energy-saving 12V light
7.radio:FM,round plastic speaker with chrome-plated cover


2. Product Characteristic:

. 1.2HP specific water pump system is strong water power, at 355 litters/m peak the discharge of water, ultimate total headed 15 meters, more comfortable massage and lower noise.

2. Safety and durableare worthy of implicit belief.

Protection switch, air-switch, much more safety, UL quality certification.

3. Humanization massage pillow make you for nicety and ease.

4. Waterfall input system is saver of time trait.

5. Three functions adjustable shower is your personal choice.

6. Standard temperature setting faucet is luxury, safety, comfortable and thermostatic(controllable 38 centigrade).


3. Product Specification




4MM Acrylic and ABS compound material with 3 layers glass fibre pure resin strength;

stainless steel bracket


1. Massage(whirlpool or surf ):1.0HP,750W water pump with CE,TUV certificates

2. Air switch:copper material

3. Shower with water pipe

4. GOLF waterfall:copper material

5. Dream pillow:PVC material,durably and usefully


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Q:What is the size of the ordinary family bathtub?
Ordinary bathtub, is from the functional aspects and massage bathtub relative to the. Ordinary bathtub can meet people's basic bath requirements, from the material, there are acrylic, enamel steel, cast iron bathtub and so on, in general, the price is relatively low, suitable for the general family to buy. The general size of the bath is generally small, to a certain extent, can save the bathroom space. The minimum length of not less than 1500mm. General bathtub size is the size, the general length of the bathtub from 1.2 m to 1.7 m range, the conventional size is 1600 * 750 or 1700 * 750, the depth of 50 to 70 cm, but the actual use of the size may be reduced by 10 -20 cm. The smallest size of the bathtub is 120 cm long, mainly for children, but now do not know if there is such a size, you can go to the store to see. Generally the length of the bathtub in the length of 1.5 meters, the depth is often deeper than the average bath, about 70 cm. If you like to install in the corner of the fan-shaped bathtub, you should know that it is more than ordinary rectangular bathtub to take up a lot of space, it must cut love.
Q:Is there a need for tiles below the bathtub?
Now the market bathtub is divided into skirt bath and no skirt bath, and whether it is tasted this can be in accordance with your personal habits to decide, generally if the choice of skirt bath can not paste tiles, but to do waterproof and moisture And so on, if you choose no skirt tiles, you can paste tiles, but in the size of the need for accurate measurement to prevent the installation of the bath when the scratches the bath affect its appearance.
Q:How to pick a good bath
Material hardness: cast iron bathtub is best, followed by ceramic cylinder, acrylic and barrels worse.
Q:Bath of the bathroom generally require how much installed baths have advantages and disadvantages?
The general length of the bathtub is 150cm to 170cm, mostly 160cm. Width 650cm to 770cm. About 50cm high.
Q:What kind of material is good bath?
Cast iron bath to cast iron as raw material, the surface made by high temperature glazing treatment. The advantages of the cast iron bathtub are: durable, mild color, low water injection noise, easy to clean. Cast iron bath cylinder shortcomings are: the price is generally high, more monotonous shape, color selection is not much, general insulation properties, weight is cumbersome, easy to install and transport.
Q:How long is a single bathtub?
Hello, single bath width at least 750-850 to use. Bathtubs generally have the following: ordinary bathtub, length: 1200/1300/1400/1500/1600/1700, width 700-900, height 355-518 bubble bath, length 1100, width 700, height 475 (sitting at 310mm ) Jacuzzi, length 1500, width 800-900, height 470
Q:What brand of bathtub is best?
The market so many brands of bathtub, you ask what brand the best, it is difficult to compare, TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, etc. are good brand, but each person's preference is not the same choice is not the same , To find affordable to run a few more to know, here can only provide you how to choose the bathtub. Bath according to its production materials are divided into ordinary steel bath, acrylic bath, cast iron bathtub, 3.5mm thick steel bath several categories. In general, the ordinary steel bathtub easy to clean, modeling more single; acrylic bathtub shape is rich, but the life is shorter, easy to clean after aging; cast iron bathtub long life, high grade, high prices, handling, installation more trouble. Now the international popularity of the German-made 3.5mm thick steel bathtub, because such a bathtub surface glaze treatment is not hanging dirty, steel long life, easy installation, both the steel plate and the advantages of cast iron bathtub.
Q:How to take a bath with a bath?
Relax in the body, immersed in the gorgeous, fragrant bubble bath, wake up all your feelings.
Q:What is the height of the bath?
Should only 40cm it
Q:What is the size of the bathtub in general?
Oval bathtub most of the size and square of the same, but there is a length of less than 1 meter 4 bathtub, the height is relatively high, mainly to the wood, the name has changed, called the bath.

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