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Omlon miniTOP new generation villa elevators inherit Omlon elevators' noble quailty.

Omlon mini TOP villa elevators strictly follow Omlon worldwide product research standard, using global davanced permanent magnet synchronous gearless mainframe, combined with mature high-tech control system, our elevators are highly efficient, environment friendly and can save space.

Elevator car standard allocation:

Ceiling: Steel board with varnish and tube-shaped light

Car wall: Wooden decoration, dermatoglyph hard cover and glass mirror

Handle: Streak stainless steel

Floor: PVC tiles

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Q:When the woman came home she was found to be tracked by a man
Can not think of .. woman should be wrong, so that men choose the first two layers .. If a woman does not choose the floor? Then look at a few layers of men .. Oh .... there is a woman selected 3, men See the man ... then the man will certainly go to the third floor waiting for her .. woman should wait for a man out of the elevator .. either choose the next, or continue to choose on .. is not out of the elevator 3 ... Oh .. Do not come out
Q:On the elevator frame advertising, who can specifically talk about it?
The most important thing is to see where your elevator ads are in the elevator. If it is in the office, like a car, cosmetics, mobile phones, watches, entertainment and so will do; if it is in the residential, tend to use some of the daily, such as the surrounding market, household items, jewelry, mobile phones, watches and so on.
Q:The relationship between load bearing and area of elevator
An elevator is a motor-powered vertical lift with box-like pods for multi-storey construction or cargo. There are steps, stepping board mounted on the track for continuous operation, commonly known as escalators or automatic sidewalks. Serving the floor of the fixed lifting equipment. The vertical lift elevator has a car running between at least two rows of rigid or inclined rails with an inclination angle less than 15 °. Car size and structure to facilitate the passengers access or loading and unloading of goods. It is customary to use the elevator as a general term for vertical traffic in a building, regardless of the way it is driven. According to the speed can be divided into low-speed elevators (1 m / s below), fast elevators (1 ~ 2 m / s) and high-speed elevators (2 m / s or more). The mid-19th century began to appear hydraulic elevator, is still in the low-rise buildings on the application. Specific bearing and area relationship see below:
Q:Title: a woman was followed by a man, she went into the elevator and found the man also came in.
I can not think of the elevator on the line, because he was afraid of the camera so that the woman and the elevator into the elevator when there is no killing her, so he can not kill her in the elevator, this time by siren, and then no elevator waiting for the rescue The Those who said in the third floor elevator open moment by the door simply does not work, because the murderer certainly waiting on the third floor, she went to the third floor elevator opened, the murderer found that she would not come out on the fourth floor in advance (if the woman on the first floor of the murderer can also be ahead On the second floor) press the door button, this is because whether she press the upstairs or down the elevator outside the arrow can be seen, the murderer can reach the next level in advance, and then the murderer into the elevator and before, this time repeated Staged, so stay inside the elevator does not move, the police press the emergency by the sudden angrily get the whole button to have the opportunity to escape!
Q:To design a conveyor belt, ask the motor power, how to choose the wheel, to add what the inverter?
There are ready to set, why trouble.
Q:How to determine the balance coefficient of elevator GB
0.4-0.5 between. The weight ratio between the weight and the car.
Q:Wow how the energy ship on the second floor
2 small BOSS were out of blue and red 2 key ~ synthesis ~ point of the door switch
Q:Analysis of the causes of broken wire rope in elevator
It is recommended to use an elevator wire rope with 8 * 19S + FC, 8 * 19S + IWR, 8 * 19W + FC, 8 * 19W + IWR. The rope used for the elevator is generally divided into steel core and core. In the case of elevated height is not very high, the speed generally 1.75m / s below will use the core of the core. At a speed of 2m / s to 3m, you will use steel core. When the speed is higher, such as 6m / s or 8m / s will use the steel band
Q:What is the meaning of the word inside the elevator?
Each elevator in the meaning of B may be different, such as some B1, B2 ... ... that the ground floor, the second floor of the ground ... ...; some 1B, 2B ... ... that the first floor half, second floor half ... .... So the specific meaning depends on the specific situation.
Q:What are the embedded parts in the elevator shaft?
Now are playing the bolt, the concrete shaft there is no embedded parts, the framework of the ring beam, nor the legs do not. Pretending to help add anger to help drink sewn bucket handle, at most, is the room a little bit.

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