vertical blind and curtain office good quality

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Product Description:

The characteristics and advantages

 Zebra blinds: also known as soft gauze shade, rainbow shade, from a small piece of the spacing between width equal to a small piece of fabric and cotton gauze woven into a fabric, scroll through one end with the shaft and achieve the goal that move light, when the light is soft, gauze and gauze overlap to a certain extent reduce the direct light. Characteristics, simple operation, shading form diversification, don't interfere with vision.

Diversified shutter: fabrics, half a window shade, half pervious to light shade, full shade shutter series, uv shutter, waterproof curtain, easy decontamination engineering shutter, etc. Control methods are: manual shutter, electric shutter, spring semi-automatic shutter, etc. Applicable range, cheap, functional diversity.

Vertical curtain: is a leaf a slice of a vertical suspension rail, shading can only move light around to achieve. According to different materials can be divided into: PVC vertical blinds, vertical blinds fiber fabrics, aluminum alloy vertical curtain, etc. According to different operation mode can be divided into: manual vertical curtain, electric vertical curtain. Its biggest characteristic is that can control the dimming.

Hundred fold the curtain: the folding curtain is indoor decorate curtain, its characteristic is that style is contracted, strong sunlight through the window screening filter during the day. Night, tight shading fabric will block the light outdoor, and simple operation.

Beautiful round the quality of products, price moderate, are all made of high-grade raw materials, the entire production process control, new style diversity, the company has its own research and development department continuous research and development new products, sophisticated technology and through the quality management system certification

Product the packing

A single PET packaging, big box packaging (6)

The service life of the product and its after-sales quality assurance

3 to 5 years, no warranty replacement parts (provide)

A container loading quantity

Taking an example of shutter

20 foot container: 10000

40 feet flat cabinet: 20000


 What are the factors affect the tracery?

1, the price factor.

The price of raw materials (PP, non-woven, polyester fiber, aluminum alloy, etc.), outsourcing parts price, outsourcing dyeing, the price of the artificial water and electricity prices.

2, the quality factor:

A. raw materials: raw material quality directly affects the performance of the product, such as light transmittance, flatness, service life, etc

B. outsourcing dyeing, dyeing quality directly affect the design of the product

C. production process: workers assemble is not proficient will affect the performance of the product, such as the smooth degree of release, etc

Product Pictures

vertical blind and curtain  office good quality

vertical blind and curtain  office good quality

vertical blind and curtain  office good quality

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Fish and bear's paw! Air curtains Anyway, 1-2 months of heat,

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