Ultra large format fiber laser bevel cutting machine for metal sheet

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Product Description:


Product Description


Ultra large format fiber laser bevel cutting machine for metal sheet. The metal plate bevel laser cutting machine Break through the conventional 0° straight section and realize the maximum 45°bevel.

The machine can complete V, X, Y and other bevels .The bevel processing such as traditional cutting and milling is completed at one time. The cutting parts have high dimensional accuracy and high surface quality, which greatly improves efficiency, guarantees quality, and saves resources.


Ultra large format fiber laser bevel cutting machine for metal sheet


Ultra large format fiber laser bevel cutting machine for metal sheet




Working Area(mm)


X-axis Travel


Y-axis Travel


Z-axis Travel


Laser Power


X/Y Axis positioning accuracy


X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy


Maximum Speed


Maximum acceleration


Bevel angle


Total Weight


Maximum load of worktable




Product Details


Ultra large format fiber laser bevel cutting machine for metal sheet


Safety and Environmental Protection

The bevel laser cutter is equipped with a safety light curtain as standard. When the distance between the operator and the beam is too close, the machine will quickly receive feedback and stop running immediately to ensure personal safety.

Ultra large format fiber laser bevel cutting machine for metal sheet

Thick Plate Cutting, Improve Efficiency

The power can be selected from 6KW-36KW, the stable cutting thickness is more than 20mm, and the limit cutting thickness is more than 50mm.Optional ultra-large format, processing width up to 4000mm, length can be determined according to user processing requirements.


Ultra large format fiber laser bevel cutting machine for metal sheet


Dust removal design, 360°enclosed surround smoke exhaust. The powerful dust removal effect can not only ensure the environmental protection requirements and the health of the operators, but also protect the precision optical components in the cutting head from smoke and dust, and extend the service life.

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