Truck and Bus radial tyre pattern 368

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Q:Futian about how long the maintenance truck tires
Overall check the steering system, including all the parts from the steering wheel to the front axle, the gap in the joints, loosening.
Q:What kind of car is a solid tire used for?
The utility model is mainly suitable for special vehicles, such as anti riot vehicles, cash trucks, anti terrorist vehicles, engineering vehicles, forestry machinery, etc..A solid tire is a tire corresponding to a pneumatic tire (hollow tire), and the carcass is solid, with no cord as a frame, without inflating, and no inner tube or air tight layer.
Q:What does "lt" mean?
Automobile tires can be divided into pneumatic tyres and solid tires according to the carcass structure. Most modern cars use pneumatic tyres.
Q:What are the functions of automobile tires?
Tire is an organic combination of many performances. Its performance indexes include grip (dry, wet), steering, comfort and wear resistance. Many of these indicators are contradictory, such as comfort and handling, grip and abrasion resistance, and so on.In the purchase of the tire, you need to fully consider the vehicle performance (for example: super sports car, SUV, small cars), driving habits (such as mild or intense driving driving style) and hobbies (such as: comfort, noise, high tire) traffic conditions (such as: high speed, gravel Road and road etc.) and climatic conditions (e.g. winter weather) and so on, then according to the positioning of Michelin tire products to choose appropriate your tires.Buy tires must first determine the original vehicle tire specifications. Usually the car tire specifications of the logo is ***/** R** * is digital. (for example: 205/55R16)Different specifications for different patterns are also different.
Q:What kind of tires do heavy trucks use?
If from the cost point of view, the domestic is 2000, Michelin is 3000, and the mileage can double the difference. Is that Michelin can run twice as much better than domestic.It seems more appropriate to buy Michelin.
Q:What kind of tires are quiet in the car?
No matter the car bought new or old tires, if the quality is not good, then there will be a lot of noise, so we must pay attention to the quality of tires when buying tires, when buying a car is best for a seller to understand, look at the tire is not noise, then choose to buy, so that we can guarantee to choose the ideal tire.
Q:How often do they need to be replaced or when they need to be replaced?
Focus on the side walls of the car tires: as the tire rubber aging, the tire side wall will appear deep lines. However, as long as the sidewall of the tire is not impacted and the cord is not broken, it can continue to be used. The triangle mark on the side wall of the tire can help the owner find a protuberance in the groove of the crown, and can determine the actual wear limit of the tire. The value should be greater than 1.6 millimeters.
Q:Truck truck tire nut pros and cons of how to identify?
For single direction tires: the arrow marks can be seen on the side of the tire, and only when the arrow is installed.For molded tires: the center of the center of a single tire, the left and right sides of the pattern is symmetrical, in the installation of no distinction.
Q:How to distinguish the tire grades?
For example, the tire specifications 195/65, R15, 91V, the speed symbol is V, find the speed symbol and speed corresponding table, you know this tire is the highest speed of 240 kilometers / hour. Michelin tire on the paste label inside has the highest speed of symbols and specific information.
Q:Where is the replacement truck or bus tire at the fleet repair shop?
Don't go to agents, they don't usually sell you. Either to the tire shop to sell back to the tire shop to change the tire. Or go to the tire store to buy a free installation for you. To buy large brands of tires, big brands, transparent prices, the boss will not ask any price, you can use the rest assured. The truck is relatively Giti at least.

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