trapezoidal corrugated Roof Panel Forming Machine 1220mm

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Product Description:

Main Components
1.Manual Decoiler: one set 
Un-powered,Manually control steel coil inner bore shrinkage and stop, 
Max Feeding width: 1250mm,coil ID range 508mm±30mm 
Capacity: Max. 5 Ton 
2. Main machine 
With feeding material guide, body frame made from H350 type steel by welding; 
Rollers manufactured from 45# steel,CNC lathes,Heat Treatment, hard Chrome Coated; 
Shafts Diameter=ф75mm,precision machined 
Gear/Sprocket driving, about 18-step to form 
Main Motor=5.5KW , Frequency speed control 
Forming speed approx.13-15m/min 
3. Hydraulic Cutting device: 
Cutter frame made from high quality 20mm steel plate by welding 
Post cut, stop to cutting,Two pieces cutting blades,no blanking 
Hydraulic motor: 2.2KW Cutting pressure: 0-12Mpa 
Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment 
4. PLC Control System 
Control the quantity and cutting length automatically 
Combined with: PLC, Inverter, Touch Screen, Encoder, etc 
PLC: Delta brand (Taiwan) 
Inverter: Delta brand (Taiwan) 
Touch Screen: WEINVIEW brand (Taiwan) 
Encoder: KOYO brand (Japan) 
Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm 
5. User's manual in English

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Q:What's the difference between brother tag machine ribbon TZ and Tze?
And the price is also two times cheaper than the original!!! Sou I have the original and domestic sales, I suggest you buy in the purchase of a roll of homemade, try the effect!
Q:What's the difference between a marker and a tag machine?
Marking machine is mainly in the casing (PVC pipe) above the printing content, the label machine mainly print is self-adhesive
Q:How do you fix the ribbon on your label machine?
The first to open the black ribbon ribbon, see whether broken column, if it is on the ground, according to the ribbon into the groove.
Q:What brands are there in the label machine?
Bar code printer printing effect, this is what people often say printer resolution, print fine barcode, resolution will be higher. 203dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi;
Q:What's the difference between a bar code printer and a label printer?
Label printer refers to no need to connect to a computer and a printer with its own built-in input keyboard, a font, font and a considerable number of label template format, input, editing, typesetting by the LCD screen can directly label content according to their own needs, and then directly print printer.
Q:How to get rid of trademark stickers?
In fact, usually stored at home alcohol, gasoline, or nail polish dilution, you can easily and thoroughly remove these stickers. There is also a kind of thing can also achieve certain effect, that is hand cream.Method: tear off a layer of paper on the label surface, apply alcohol or gasoline, then rub it on the surface with your hands, so that it is fully saturated with sticky glue. Finally, wipe it off with a cloth.Principle: generally used in labeling glue, in the field of chemistry are high polymer compounds. Alcohol, gasoline, or nail polish solutions are solvents that can dissolve macromolecular compounds.
Q:The GPrinter tag machine cannot print out the word. Before printing is not clear, just washed with alcohol, and can not hit the back.
Because this will not only help, but will risk burning out the nozzle. As a result, air is invented by extracting cartridges from a syringe. Insert the cartridge into the ink outlet of the cartridge to extract the air. The reason is correct and the effect is obvious, but it is also very wrong. This is because, in fact, looks simple, its structure is very tight. For example, even for is how to know the printer, how much ink? Supply exceeds demand, and ink flows into the printer. Not only does it waste ink, pollute the printer, it may damage the printer. Lack of ink, horizontal stripes, or even ink. The printer needs much ink, even for the supply of much ink. No more, no less.
Q:Hello, zebra GK888T tag machine, print only the first one, then the red light starts flashing, stop working, what's the reason?
You can check the machine's paper sensor and see if it's plugged up! Located in the middle of the card label paper, you can use the swab to clean the alcohol to see if it can solve your problem!
Q:What brand of label printer, please?
Recommended domestic early start, independent research and development, production of VariMark Wei code tag printers, GT-600, GT-1000, GT-2000, XT-2000, the price and quality is relatively speaking, cost-effective.
Q:How does the hand label machine load paper?
Different labels will have some small differences on paper

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