TP347HStainless steel pipe

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The TP347H stainless steel pipe is a kind of austenitic stainless acid resistant steel, with good resistance to intergranular corrosion resistance and good corrosion resistance, mainly used in aerospace, petrochemical, food, paper and other industries.

TP347H stainless steel is austenitic stainless acid resistant steel, are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, food, paper and other industries, such as the exhaust duct and branch of aero engine turbine compressor, heat pipes and parts of not more than 850 DEG C under the working conditions in a small load and temperature.

The characteristics of TP347H stainless steel pipe is corrosion, intergranular anti good in acid, alkali, salt solution, have good corrosion resistance.

The physical constants of TP347H stainless steel pipe:

Melting point: the temperature of 1398-1427 DEG C

Specific heat capacity: 500J (kg.K)

The elastic modulus at 20 DEG C: 196GPa, 200 DEG C to 400 DEG C for 186GPa, 177GPa, 500 degrees 167GPa, 600 DEG C for 167GPa

Specific resistance: 0.75nN.m

Chemical composition of TP347H stainless steel pipe:

C: = 0.10, Si: = 1 Mn: = 2 Cr:17.0-20.0 Ni:9.0-13.0 Nb:8 * C%-1.5 S: = 0.030 P: = 0.035

Mechanical properties of TP347H stainless steel pipe:

20 C: 559-637 235-274 53-61 63-69 20.6-27.4

500 C: 392-429 147-216 28-36 56-66 23.5-28.4

600 C: 363-382 137-186 28-34 54-65 24.5-30.4

650 C: 304-363 118-167 31-38 54-61 23.5-31.4

700 C: 245-304 31-42 44-60 24.5-29.4

Heat treatment of TP347H stainless steel pipe:

The temperature of 1000-1100 DEG C solid solution treatment, water cooling

Corrosion resistance of TP347H stainless steel pipe:

Uniform corrosion

Intergranular corrosion by sulfuric acid with copper sulphate and copper scrap method (T method), copper and sulfuric acid sulfuric acid method (L method) and 65%HNO3 method (X method) test

Antioxidation: at 750-800 DEG C in the air, the antioxidant properties of this steel has stable

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Q:25 of the steel pipe with 6 in charge of what is the difference?
25 of the steel pipe with 6 in charge of the difference:25 of the steel pipe refers to the DN25 tube, the outer diameter of 25mm; 6, in charge of refers to DN20 steel pipe, the outer diameter is 20mm.
Q:SC15 what does galvanized steel pipe look like?
Zinc plating: galvanized steel pipe hot galvanized and galvanized two kinds, hot galvanized, zinc coating thickness, with uniform coating, adhesion, long service life and so on. The cost of galvanizing is low, the surface is not very smooth, and the corrosion resistance of itself is much better than that of galvanized pipe. Refer to
Q:What are the uses of seamless steel tubes?
Compared withsteel and roundsteelinsolid, flexural torsional strength in the same time, the weight is light, is a kind of economic section steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as the oil pipe, automobile transmission shaft, the bicycle frame and steel construction with scaffold with steel pipe manufacturing ring parts can be improved the utilization rate of materials, simplify the manufacturing process, material saving and working hours, such as rolling bearing ring, Jack and so on, has been widely used in steel pipe manufacturing.
Q:What is the size of seamless steel tube DN150?
Seamless steel tube is generally used to indicate the outer diameter * wall thickness, DN150 seamless steel pipe GB wall thickness is 5mm. Wall thickness is a series of calculations based on your design, pressure, temperature, and pipe material.
Q:How to establish a concrete-filled steel tubular column model in ANSYS?
First, you have to choose at least three or more types of materials. Modeling is a little complicated. Strongly recommended that the landlord to see "ANSYS in civil engineering applications", where there is such an example, you step by step, step by step back, and then in accordance with their own requirements modeling, OK. Wish you success
Q:Difference between seamless steel pipe and welded pipe
Welded steel pipe for different welding process and divided into the furnace pipe welding (ERW) pipe and automatic arc welding, because of the different forms of welding seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe is divided into two kinds, end its shape is divided into circular welded and shaped (square) pipe etc..
Q:Theoretical weight of 25*25*1.5 square steel tubes
The theoretical weight of 25*25*1.5 square steel tubes is 1.075kg/m.
Q:Seamless steel tube 89X4 meters, how heavy?
Generally seamless steel pipe wall thickness will be uneven, according to the theory, each meter is 8.3844 kilograms, but if the wall thickness is poor 20--30 wire, then the weight will increase some
Q:What does "1.5" steel tube mean?
DN refers to the nominal diameter of the pipe (also known as nominal diameter), all piping accessories in the piping system are numerically represented in order to distinguish the parts that are represented by threads or outside diameters. Nominal diameter is used as a reference, after rounding the figures, and processing numerical value is not exactly the same, nominal diameter can be expressed as metric mm, also can be used in English in.
Q:Who knows what is the difference between double submerged arc welded pipe and longitudinal submerged arc welding?
Double submerged arc welding is also a kind of longitudinal submerged arc welding.

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