Tinplate in SPCC Grade for Making Pencil Box

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Loading Port:
China main port
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Min Order Qty:
25 m.t.
Supply Capability:
30000 m.t./month
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1. Products: Tinplate

Tinplate and TFS are widely used for making all types of containers such as artistic cans, tea cans, painting cans, chemical package cans and metal printing etc. Its applications are not limited to containers; recently, they have also been used for making electrical machinery parts and many other products.

2. Specification:

Our goods enjoyed high quality both at home and abroad. We can supply tin free steel as follows:

Technical standard

JISG3303 and GB/T 2520-2008

Steel Type



 From 0.15mm to 0.50mm (Tolerance +/- 0.01mm)


 Normally 600-1050mm (Tolerance +3/-0 mm)


  2.8/2.8g/m2 , 2.8/5.6g/m2  ,1.1/1.1 g/m2  

Temper & Annealing

 T1-T5,  DR7-8, TS230-TH435, T49-T65(+/- 4)

Surface Treatment

 Bright & Fine Stone & Stone & Silver & Matt

Payment terms

 Letter of Credit (L/C),  Telegraphic transfer (T/T)

Price terms

 CFR  & CIF price term

Delivery time

 Within 60 days after received L/C or T/T down payment


 High quality shipping packing which contains thin plastic film, rust-proof paper, metal cover, metal angles and strap sand pallet.

Minimum order Quantity(MOQ)

 25 metric tons (1X 20'' container)

3. Pictures:


Tinplate in SPCC Grade for  Making Pencil Box


Tinplate in SPCC Grade for  Making Pencil Box

4. Features of the factory price/ tin free steel/tinplate/tfs/tmbp/etp/spte:

Beautiful Appearance

Excellent Paintability & Printability

Excellent Formability & Strength

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Excellent Solderability & Weldability

5. FAQ:

We are one of the main producers in China for tinplate, tin free steel and also TMBP. At present, our productivity is more than 450000 MT/year.

For more information about our products or company, pls contact us freely.

Welcome your enquiries and orders.


The common forms of corrosion that affect tinplate include tin oxide corrosion, tin pest, and electrochemical corrosion.
No, tinplate cannot be used for coinage as it is not a durable or suitable material for minting coins.
Yes, tinplate can be recycled. It is made of steel coated with a thin layer of tin, and both steel and tin can be recycled indefinitely without losing their properties. Recycling tinplate helps conserve resources and reduce waste.
Yes, tinplate can be used for toys and games. It is a versatile material that is lightweight, durable, and easy to shape. Tinplate can be molded into various shapes and sizes, making it suitable for creating toy cars, action figures, board game components, and other playthings. Additionally, its glossy finish can enhance the aesthetic appeal of toys and games.
Tinplate is formed into different shapes through a process called metal forming, which involves techniques like stamping, deep drawing, and folding. This is done by placing the tinplate sheet into a specialized machine that uses pressure, heat, and/or molds to shape the metal into the desired form.
Tinplate is typically printed and decorated through a process called offset printing. In this method, the design is first engraved onto a metal plate, which is then coated with ink. The inked plate transfers the design onto a rubber blanket, which in turn applies the design onto the tinplate. This process allows for high-quality and precise printing on the tinplate surface. Additionally, after printing, various decorative techniques such as embossing, lacquering, or applying special coatings can be used to enhance the appearance and protect the design on the tinplate.
Q:Tin cans in what way sterilization good ah
Use 121 degrees high temperature sterilization, keep for 20 minutes or so. Use wireless temperature detector to check the temperature inside and in the pot. Use compressed air to do reverse pressure to prevent tank from deforming at high temperature. If the product is wasted due to improper operation, automatic control can be used!
Tinplate contributes to the containment of chemical substances primarily through its excellent corrosion resistance properties. The tin coating on the steel substrate provides a protective barrier that prevents the chemical substances from coming into direct contact with the metal, thereby reducing the risk of chemical reactions and contamination. Additionally, tinplate's tight and secure seal ensures that no leakage or seepage of the contained substances occurs, further enhancing the containment.
Tinplate contributes to the efficiency of energy systems by providing a lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant material for packaging and storage of energy products. It helps in reducing energy loss during transportation and prolongs the shelf life of energy products, ensuring maximum utilization and minimizing waste. Additionally, tinplate can be easily recycled, reducing the energy required for manufacturing and promoting a sustainable energy system.
There are various sizes and shapes of tinplate packaging available, ranging from small tins suitable for single-use items like mints or lip balm, to larger tins used for storing food or other products. Common shapes include round, rectangular, square, and oval tins. Additionally, there are specialty shapes such as heart-shaped tins or tins with embossed designs. The sizes and shapes of tinplate packaging can be customized to meet specific product requirements.

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