SWM608 Wheel Loader Buy High Quality Wheel Loader at Okorder

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Product Description:

Product Name: Wheel Loader

Product features:

  • Rated Load :800kg

  • Bucket capacity:0.4m³

  • Wheel distance(mm):1235

  • Axle-base(mm):1985

  • Loader clearance radius(mm):4600


SWM608 Wheel Loader Buy High Quality Wheel Loader at Okorder

SWM608 Wheel Loader Buy High Quality Wheel Loader at Okorder

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1 unit into one 40HQ   container; 2 units into 1x40HQ+1x20GPcontainer

Delivery Detail:

within 25days

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail:

One unit put into one 40HQ   CONTAINER, Remove the bucket and cabin.could drive in/out the cabin.easy to   assemble up for customer.

Delivery Detail:

within 20 working days after   getting deposits or original L/C.

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6.Do the best reliable heavy-duty single drum vibratory road roller in China.
7.Warranty period is 1-year or 1500 working hours against Bill of Lading.


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CNBM International is a state company, now is one of the largest state-owned group cooperation in China! All the outdoor heaters produced by CNBM are compliant with the national level quality.

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Advantage & Application

1.Chinese Cummi.ns intercooled&  turbocharged diesel engine; 

2. Integral torque converter and   gearbox(Germany ZF technology);

3. Driving axle with built-in free-wheel anti-slip differential;

4. Heavy-duty roller chains transmission balance box; 

5.Popular swing-arm connecting rod  operating mechanism;

6. Free-maintenance rolling-disc  rotary device;

7. Double cylinders control the balde  cutting angle;

8.Two sets of imported control valve  (HUSCO Brand);

9. Imported hydraulic balancing valve  for the blade lifting;

10. Steering system:center articulated mechanism and tilting front wheels to achieve crab-style movement;

11. Electro-hydraulic control:  instrumentation monitoring &  maintenance-free valta battery;


Company Information

China National Building Materials Group Corporation is the full name of CNBM, which is one of the largest state-owned group in China. In 2013, the total asset of CNBM exceeds US$60 billion dollars with a total staff of 180,000. CNBM is listed in the World Top 500 Enterprises!

CNBM International works as the international platform for CNBM Group. In 2013, our total sales income was more than US$16.8 billion dollars.Every year we import large quantity of iron ore, coking coal and thermal coal etc from India, Brazil, Australia and Russia and other countries.ld'>Our major responsibility is international marketing of different construction machinery & formwork, including lifting machinery, concrete machinery, earthmoving machinery, brick/block machinery; steel frame formwork, H20 timber beam formwork, aluminum formwork etc.

Our major responsibility is international marketing of different construction machinery & formwork, including lifting machinery, concrete machinery, earthmoving machinery, brick/block machinery; steel frame formwork, H20 timber beam formwork, aluminum formwork etc.

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Q:what i need is a wevsite that sells them its the little hollow stick that u put the bbs in and hten get the plastic sitck and shove the bbs in the magazine so if you could help me it would mean alot
they dont sell those u have to get a gun, just buy a speed loader those work better and u can get them for like 1 dollar
Q:I'd like a copy of the Chang Linzhu ZL30 loader for 99 years. The expert can help me
ZL30E wheel loader WHEEL LOADER basic parameters of ZL30E SPECIFICATIONS engine model 6110/125CG5-8A Engine Model (K W) 86 Power power rated load (T) 3 Rated Load Weight unloading height (450 unloading angle) (tip / bucket edge) (mm) 2850/2946 Max. Dump Clearance (450 Discharge) (Up to Tip/Up to Edge) unloading distance (maximum unloading height) (tip / bucket edge) (mm) 1056/977 Dump Reach (Max. Dump Clearance) (Up to Tip/Up to Edge) forward speed (km/h) 0-30 Forward Speed (km/h) 0-15 reverse speed Reverse Sp Eed rated bucket capacity (M3) 1.8 Rated Bucket Capacity (K N) 108 breakout force Breakout Force boom lifting time (s) 6.25 Raising Time (s) boom down time... 3.93 Lowering Time (s) 1 bucket unloading time Dump Time total length (mm) the total width of 7260 Overall Length (mm) 2500 Overall Width total height (mm) 3220 Overall Height tire specifications minimum turning radius of Tires 17.5-25 (mm) 5400 Min. Turning Radius (T) 10.6 Operating weight control Weight engine with performance characteristics: Wuxi Diesel Engine 6110 Diesel engine, with strong power, large torque backup, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable performance;
Q:Also,what is the name brand of the washers you had?
Front Loader because I have a large family and it makes laundry day easier, less soap, and less fab. softener. Dryer doesn't work that well, but I think it's how I separate my loads...Still learning its new...lol I own a GE front loader/dryer set I have had 2 other top loaders, but I don't remember the brands.Hot Point and Whirlpool.
Q:I work at lowes as a cashier but I used to be a loader before that there. I didnt want to be a cashier but they pushed me into that postion.Now I have been asking to move outside as a loader for 4 months strait and they tell me everytime, We are working on it. Now they have hired other loaders. When I first started there,my HR told me we get first dibs on jobs throughout the store. I dont know what to do next
Maybe they didn't like your performance as a loader before. Why else would they push you into another job and then not let you transfer even though you supposedly have first choice over outsiders? Maybe it's time to go job hunting secretly while you continue to work at Lowe's. Then once you find something better, or at higher pay, explain the situation to the Lowe's HR people that you would like to stay with them if you can transfer to loading. Otherwise you have a better offer somewhere else.
Q:Basically a friend has a little snubnose 38 and I want to surprise him with a couple of speed loaders. I think its a taurus but dont know the exact model of his gun. Its a 5 shot so will any 5 shot .38 speed loader work ? I dont want to ask him as if I do I think he will figure out that something is up.
So the other answerer is probably correct, there are several 5 shot models that all run the same diameter of cylinder and bullet spacing. HKS makes a pretty good speed loader, very compact, not too expensive. Another brand worth looking at though is Safariland, because they are a bump loader design which I like a little better. Thinkingblade
Q:I found this auto loader from Remington it's made in left hand like I am and it has left side ejection. The cost is about 1,300 and i think 1,600 for one with a adjustable comb. The model is the Remington Model 1100 G3. What do you think of this gun, and are there any other left handed auto loaders like this one made?
+1 for the Remington 1100 and 11-87 for a gas operated shotgun. If that's out of your price range, for a little cheaper is the Browning A-5/Remington Model 11 (same gun), but those are recoil-operated and kick more. The problem is the collector valu
Q:Can you stack the matching dryer on top of this washer?Samsung 4.0 cu. ft. VRT Super Capacity Washer - WF328AAW Questions
I've seen different pieces where they are stacked on each other but I don't know the dynamics of it. I would call the place you got the washer/dryer or call Sears or Best Buy. They are friendly would really be able to give you an answer.
Q:I try to play some of the games but end up being brought back to the Wii menu. Others just come to a black screen and stay like that. Any Ideas?
I had the same problem. One day USBLGx just stopped working. I just switched to WiiFlow (Google it).
Q:http://cgi.OKorder.ca/FREE-LOADER-FOR-NINTENDO-WII-FOR-NTSC-J-SYSTEMS-ONLY_W0QQitemZ250445153010QQcmdZViewItemQQptZVideo_Games_Accessories?hash=item3a4fb1c2f2_trksid=p3286.c0.m14_trkparms=65%3A12|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1215|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50Above is the link to the free loader Im thinking of purchasing. The reason I want to get it is because I have the Naruto 4 game for gamecube that I bought a couple of years ago. My free loader for gamecube broke a couple of years ago so I havent played it for a WHILE and its a great game! So I was wondering if the free loader from the link above would allow me to load a gamecube game even if its a free loader for the Wii. My logic is, if Wii's can load gamecube games, then why wouldn't it work? Am I right?Thanks!
the free loader no longer works as nintendo patch the truncha bug. if you still want region free games hack your wii with the homebrew channel, run iosdowngrader, and install gecko os
Q:Working principle of loader pump ~!!
Three. Working deviceThe working device of the loader consists of four parts, namely, bucket, arm, rocker arm and tie rod. The movable arm is a single plate structure, the back end is supported on the front frame, and the front end is connected with a bucket, and the middle part is connected with the movable arm cylinder. When the boom cylinder is telescopic, the movable arm rotates around the rear end pin shaft to achieve the lifting or lowering of the bucket. The rocker arm is a single rocker arm mechanism, the middle part is connected with the movable arm, and when the bucket cylinder is telescopic, the rocker arm rotates around the middle supporting point, and the bucket is turned or turned down through a tie rod.

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