Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

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Silicon steel containing silicon content is 0.5 to 4.5% of very low carbon ferrosilicon alloy, due to the different structure and use is divided into non oriented silicon steel and grain oriented silicon steel. Silicon steel is mainly used for motors, generators, compressors, motors and transformers core, is the electric, home appliances and other industries indispensable raw materials products.

Silicon steel sheets cold rolling, hot-rolled two, the use of more cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet along the rolling direction with excellent magnetic properties, not only in the strong magnetic field has high saturation magnetic flux density and low loss, but also have good magnetic properties (initial permeability) in the weak magnetic field. Because of the cold rolling process, the impurity content of the steel sheet is decreased, and the coarse grain is caused, and the magnetic permeability is increased and the hysteresis loss decreases.

2.Product characteristic:

The main requirements for the silicon steel properties are:

1, low iron loss, this is the most important quality index of silicon steel sheet. All core loss grades according to the lower grades, the iron loss, the higher.

2, a strong magnetic field of magnetic induction (magnetic), which makes the motor and transformer core volume and weight, saving silicon steel, copper and insulating materials, etc..

3, the surface is smooth, flat and thickness uniformity, can improve the core fill factor.

4, good film, for manufacturing micro, small motor is more important.

5, the adhesion and welding of the surface insulation film is good, can prevent and improve the film.
3.Specifications :

Material: B50A470

0.5*1200*C, 0.5*1000*C

4.Reference picture:

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Material: B50A470

Origin / manufacturer :Shanghai Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.

Stock:Jiayin Stock

Specifications :0.5*1200*C, 0.5*1000*C

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Q:What's the meaning of H50 silicon steel sheet
The silicon steel sheet model at the beginning of the H is not used on the transformer, it is estimated that it is the silicon steel sheet of the motor. The electric silicon steel sheet is hot rolling.Now the domestic silicon steel sheet is also many, what 30Q130, 30Q120 and so on. Of course, there are other brands. It's too much.As long as you pay attention in 1.5T (Atlas) under the tile /kg. The lower the value, the better the quality of silicon steel sheet.
Q:Why should a silicon steel sheet of transformer be folded crosswise?
Since the resistance and cross-sectional area of a conductor are related, if the resistance is very small with a full magnet, the current generated in the core is very large
Q:Transformer silicon steel transverse shear line equipment manufacturers have what?
Transformer silicon steel transverse shear line equipment manufacturers have Shenzhen all Vader Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., power transformer transverse shear line equipment manufacturers.
Q:Why is the transformer made of sliced silicon steel sheet?
The magnetic core of a transformer has eddy current losses at work, and the direction of the eddy is perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic fieldIf the whole iron core is used, the resistance is very small in the direction of the vertical magnetic field line, the eddy current will be large and the loss will be largeTherefore, magnetic cores are usually made of materials with higher resistivity, or processed into slices in a superposition mannerThe resistance values in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field line reduce eddy current losses.
Q:In the motor, the AW470 is a short for silicon steel! I want to know what it is, what's the difference between DW360 and that?
The silicon steel is divided into different grades according to the value of iron loss, the thickness and the test conditions. The symbolic meaning of its brand is as follows:DR - hot rolled silicon steel sheet for electrical purposes.DW- stands for cold-rolled silicon steel sheets for electrical purposesG - a steel plate tested at a frequency of 400Hz in a strong magnetic field.G - free grades - steel plates tested at a frequency of 50Hz in a strong magnetic field.After the letter "DR" number - the horizontal line before the number is 100 times the value of iron loss, the line after the figure is 100 times the thickness value.
Q:Why should the motor use silicon steel sheet for excitation?
Because the alternating magnetic field generates current in the iron core, if the iron core has a strong electrical conductivity, it is equivalent to a closed short circuit circuit, which is called eddy current.
Q:What's the function of silicon steel sheet?
Electrical silicon steel sheet or silicon steel sheet or steel sheet. As the name suggests, it is an electric silicon steel containing silicon up to 0.8%-4.8%, made by hot and cold rolling. The thickness is below 1mm, so it is called thin plate. Silicon steel sheet is generally referred to as sheet metal, and is independent of its special use.The silicon steel sheet for electrical engineering has excellent electromagnetic properties, and it is an important magnetic material in the electric power, telecommunication and instrument industry. Also used in tableware / Accessories / container / motor can air conditioning accessories / small appliance parts / Accessories / microwave / lighting hardware accessories / furniture accessories collection
Q:What bond is the steel of the transformer? What glue is it?
Smelting and rolling silicon steel is mainly smelted by oxygen converter (also can be smelted by electric arc furnace), in combination with molten steel vacuum treatment and AOD Technology (see outside refining), and die casting or continuous casting method is adopted. According to different uses, smelting, change the silicon (0.5 ~ 4.5%) and aluminum (0.2 ~ 0.5%) content, in order to meet the requirements of different magnetic. The silicon and aluminum content of high grade silicon steel sheets increase accordingly. Reduce carbon, sulfur and inclusions as much as possible.
Q:How much is one ton of transformer silicon steel?
Power transformers generally use oriented silicon steel. The most common WISCO, 30Q120, is now priced at 15000-16000 tons per ton.
Q:At the same time, cut aluminum and silicon steel sheet material, what NC blade?
The main problem of aluminum alloy is that it is easy to stick the knife in cutting, that is, serious accretion. Usually rely on large front angle, large back angle, and sharp blade, the front face of the knife, smooth surface, to ensure non stick knife, that is, by the angle of the tool to solve the problem, rather than material.

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