Super Brightness Ul Listed 4014 Smd Shenzhen Led T8 Tube

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$6.00 - 32.00 / pc
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10 Pieces pc
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50000 Pieces pc/month

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Product Description:

-It is optimized to provide light outputs comparable to fluorescent and delivers the immediate benefits of white-LED lighting;

-Long lifetimes, no maintenance, high efficency, no mercury, no recycling, no flickering, no buzzing, instant start, cold temperature operation, and high quality light.
-It provides energy savings of up to 75% over fluorescent applications that require long hours with low occupancy rates such as stairwells, corridors, warehouses, and remote locations.



 Product Details

Model  NumberColor Temperature
LED Type
LED Quantity
CRILight Output



Why choose our T8 led tube light ? 



a.We use the UL approved isolated driver with RUBYCON capacitor on it. PF>0.95, THD<14%

b.100% High-Pot test on AC3000v for all tubes.

c.Comply with the latest new CE ,ROHS standards. 


2) Reliability:

a.72h aging test with automatic switching before each shipment.

b.100% vibration test.

c.100% over-voltage test on AC85-265v, make sure the tubes suitable for 120v, 220v, 240v and 277v.

d.-40°C to 50°C extreme environment workable.


3) Performance:

a.Quality LED chips such as SAMSUNG, EPISTAR,BRIDGELUX…

b.High light output up to 100 lm/w, very low energy consumption.


d.Color temperature: 2700K~3000K, 4000K~4500K, 6000K~6500K,

e.Lower thermal output


4) Lifespan and Warranty

a.50,000h lifespan.

b.5 years warranty from the EXW date.

c.Lumen maintenance guarantee refer to LM80.

d.Free replacement for quality issues.


About us

1.We were founded in 2010,which is a leading manufactory on the indoor LED illumination,currently there are over 100 employees and a fabrication are of more than 2500 square meters.

2.We just focus on the LED tubes,LED bulbs,LED spots light,we desigh and manufacture,all of our products have 3 years warranty(tubes have 5 years warranty).

3.every product undergoes multiple QC stages to ensure optimum performance and functionality

4.Advanced and professional equipments are utilized to aid LED assemblies of LED tubes,array and various luminaire.

5.The equipments include SMT assembly,ato soldering lines,opto-electrical test devices,light and potical distribution analysis devices.



Trade term

1.Our goal is to help customers solve problems, to provide them with satisfactory products.

2.Fast deilvery: For samples 3 working day. For bulk order: 7-10working days.

3.Sample service is OK, but also we can help customers design or customize the products they want.

4.Professional sales team, engineer team, and good after-sales service.For any inquiries, we will give you the most professional answer within 24 hours.


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Q:What is the 1.5-meter LEDT5 daylight lamp tube
It may also be used at the counter, which is about 1.5 meters in length. Actually, the only thing you can do is change the length when you drop the material. I make the special LED fluorescent lamp, the length is 1.9 meters. 2.5 meters and 2.8 meters, 1.5 meters in pediatrics. Ha ha
Q:Currently, the 48-inch led fluorescent lamp tube 18w is used for how much dc voltage
The voltage in each company is different, and you have to ask the manufacturer.It's usually made of 2835 chips, about 60mA, or about 3.3 volts.
Q:What is the most suitable power efficiency for leds?
Of course, the higher the better, the more efficient the more efficient it is.96% is pretty high.
Q:Is there a greater value in switching from a normal daylight lamp to an LED energy-saving lamp?
The main consideration is commercial or civilian The use of civilian use is lower than that of commercial electricity Business is more appropriate The details are also calculated according to different scenarios
Q:What is the reason for the movement of light in the tube
Flash is because the lamp tube is old, fast, ready for new, it won't last long
Q:An electric power saving device installed on an old-fashioned daylight lamp tube
Heilongjiang wanfang electric equipment co., LTD. Is one of the places where you can check the Internet for sale
Q:Put on the new light bulb, why the lamp still not bright
Does your fluorescent lamp use a inductive ballast or an electronic ballast? Is the newly installed lamp tube not bright or filament red but unable to start? If the inductor is completely unlit, check to see if it is installed
Q:What is the minimum starting voltage for the fluorescent tube?
I use the 20 watt fluorescent lamp to measure the lowest maintenance of the tube and the voltage is 98V volts.
Q:How to meet? The rectifier is very easy to connect
Went on two of the ballast with black and white and two sets of lines, a set of a tube, the last wire connects ballast is ok, if the change over time, to check whether a set of ballast to replace, so consider in ballast, if only a single change, that is about to change the bulb.
Q:What is the connection of the LEDT5 lamp tube, the main line is how to connect, only to the end
1, the installation: The LED comes with a constant current source, which does not require a ballast and a regenerator. General T8 lamp tube because the lamp tube space is big enough, constant current source can be installed in the lamp tube. So, when installing, you can remove the ballast from the original frame and remove it, and install it directly. T5 fluorescent lamp, T4LED because tubes is very small, not put constant current source, can only be constant current source in a scaffold, so, T4 / T5 general manufacturers are doing, will deploy stents, stent in persistence current source, and the lamp installation direction of the. The direction is reversed, the lamp is not bright. We are considering adding some switching circuits to allow the lamp to work properly even if the lamp is in reverse. Voltage: to communicate 85V -- communicate 245V, all can work normally. However, the long-term voltage is too high or too low, which can affect the power factor of the constant current source, which means that the effect of energy saving will be slightly affected. At the same time, it can also affect the lifetime of the constant current. So, want to choose the fluorescent lamp that is appropriate voltage commonly.

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