Steel Frame Living Room Sofas Sets BDSR-8178

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$89.00 - 110.00 / set
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TT or LC
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322 set
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60 set/month

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Item specifice:

Material: Rattan/Wicker,Metal,Plastic Style: Classic,Simple Color: brown
Usage: Outdoor & Garden,Living Room Folded: Unfolded Height Adjustable: Unadjustable
Customized: Non-Customized

Product Description:

Steel frame.powder coated Black. Flat rattan in black.white cushion
Four pieces sofa set,
2*single chairs:59*58*84cm
1*double chair:111*58*84cm      
knocked-down sofa is portable,with high quailty.
Cushion covers shower proof, removable and machine washable. 
3 year structural warranty. 
Compact, flexible, stylish and quality at a superb price.

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Q:The study puts on what color, sofa bed, good-looking thing
Very good, usually placed at the top of a few small, drinking tea, reading, chatting are more convenient, guests will stay put to bed mattress when guests. Put an ocean bed in the study, there is a kind of study flavor more.
Q:What chair is good to watch at home?
The sofa bed is a woman's exclusive furniture, it has a beautiful and exquisite curve, sofa backrest bending, the backrest and the armrests can sit with all blend into one harmonious whole, cushion, also can put your foot on the reclining, a sofa and a woman's body lines with so called "a seamless heavenly Robe, beauty".
Q:Why is a soft mattress bad for your bones?
In addition, when the soft bed hooded sleeping to increase the chance of. In this way, when people sleep in a state of hypoxia, and therefore feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, and some people still have many dreams and nightmares. In this way, people's sleep quality decreased, and not enough rest effect, always wake up feeling of dizziness, numbness of limbs.Therefore, let the children try to avoid a soft bed, so as not to affect the physical development. Children should sleep on a hard bed mat on the bed surface, the 1-2 layer with the thickness of the bed body, not more than the normal degree of change is appropriate.
Q:The folding sofa bed has sunk in the middle. How can you recover?
There are many reasons for the sofa depression: sponge sag; spring deformation and fall; wood side fracture; use force uneven; general sponge deformation less, spring fall off, wood break more.
Q:What is the size of a sofa bed?
The height of the seat is between 35 and 42 centimeters, about the length of a person's leg. Too high or too low, is not conducive to the muscles of the body to relax, sit for a long time it is easy to lumbar and leg pain. So it's just the right height. It's very comfortable and relaxing to sit.
Q:Sofa bed and tatami which is good
The utility function can have more tatami, bookcase, wardrobe, table, bed together
Q:What are the directions in the direction of the bed?
Many kinds of modern bed, sofa bed, bed, bed frame, spring bamboo bed, wooden bed, have emerged in recent years, water bed, muffler bed, air cushion bed, bed, bed, music massage bed wind environment, etc.. The bed as a traditional tool, has now set toward the rest, enjoy and physical health in one multi-functional bedding direction. Because the bed occupies an important place in one's life, it is very important to lay the bed. Specifically, the bedroom bed is ten stress.
Q:What's the difference between buying a sofa?
This sofa bed can be placed in the living room or study, as a function of the chair; guests come night, open the sofa bed, bedding is a bed.But in Sanshiliangting like ordinary apartment layout, sofa bed can also in the guest bedroom bed, to help the owner more than occasional visitors.The bed is a good choice for choosing a suitable sofa bed. Sofa bed to meet the sitting and lying two functions, must be firm and durable, and beautiful, and its materials, processes should be guaranteed.
Q:Couch bed, sleeping on a sofa bed, sleeping on an ordinary bed. Do you feel the same?
It's OK. The effect is the same. People used to sleep on a bed of boards. The sofa is the same as the bed. I am in Yitong election is sofa bed, my son after he put the house every day, he was lying. He was also said to be more comfortable than his single. It makes me speechless. Don't worry. Use it. It's ok.
Q:Is it a good couch or a sofa bed?
If your home is very large, such as 3 rooms, the bed there are many places to put, do not have to buy a sofa bed, if it is a small room you can consider buying a sofa bed, to my house is 50 square, had to buy a sofa bed, someone can do.

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