square white ceramic basin audience 20-inch

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Product Description:


Material: ceramic countertops

Type : Square Counter Basin

Single washbasin faucet hole : no holes      

Style: Square Counter Basin

Color : Square Counter Basin Origin: Chaozhou

processing methods: sample custom

Specifications : 510 * 385 * 170MM

Color: white Whether the trade : Yes


The new product , the whole surface of the glazing pots , so that the inner wall is smooth hand basin , enhanced cleansing effect. Combined effluent design , excellent performance splash of water ; the overall structure is fully in line with national standards, full of water from the overflow of suitable design , effectively avoid emission, flushing faster, cleaner at the same time , has a good performance Splash .

1. The use of antimicrobial technology , stylish, durable, no radiation , easy to stick dirt, corrosion , clean and always care for the family's health

2. The self-supporting leader, combined with practical home fashion ideas , highlighting the high- grade

3.1270 ℃ temperature firing , fully vitrified , make sure the toilet bright glaze thorough , easy to scratching , cracking and other common brand common phenomenon

The ultra-smooth glaze , the glaze layer thickness of 1.2mm or more, crystal clear and full, easy to clean, look as new

5. Set ergonomics, aesthetics , mechanical design , practical in an interpretation of the extreme achievement

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Q:Hotel washbasin with two faucets, one of the finer ones is what?
You are right, that fine is drinking water, it has a filter below, is the use of living water filter into drinking water
Q:what does basin mean?
Basin may mean: Drainage basin, a hydrological basin or catchment basin, a region of land where water drains downhill into a specified body of water Tarim Basin, located in Xinjiang, China and is one of the largest drainage basins in the world. Sedimentary basin, a low and usually sinking region that is filled with sediments from adjacent positive areas Structural basin, in geology, referring to the basin-shaped warping of underlying bedrock in a region Depression (geology), a landform lower than the surrounding area, such as the Kalahari Basin Oceanic basin, anywhere on Earth that is covered by seawater A downdropped fault block, or graben, which fill with sediments Wash basin, a bowl (vessel) designed to contain water for the purpose of cleaning hands and other minor ablutions; see also sink An emesis basin is a specific type of basin Pudding basin, a kitchen utensil of a rounded internal form and wider at its open top Basin, or dock (maritime), used for the reception of boats, in which the water level is maintained; also called a tidal basin or canal basin Basin of attraction, in the mathematics of nonlinear systems In places:
Q:My necklace pendant fell into the washbasin directly to the sewer, how can we get back
If it is to the sewer may really can not find, you look at the tube is straight or bent ah, if it is straight, it may be directly into the sewer If it is bent, I think you can also find someone to knock out the bricks out But you look at it, if it is really worth moving so many procedures to take it out also line. If it is not worth it, then it is too much trouble
Q:Bathroom washbasin is marked with a black mark, how can get rid of?
First with 'clean toilet spirit' rub again, stop 15 minutes later, washed away with water, such as not yet, continue to the original method, to the cleaning so far.
Q:What determines the direction of rotation of draining water in the wash basin basin?
Flushing an Urban Legend The Coriolis Effect does not cause water to spiral down drains (or toilets) differently in the Northern Southern Hemispheres. The size of a sink, tub, or toilet bowl is too small compared to the size of the Earth. Coriolis Effect is much smaller than other motions, like water jets or swirling the water with your hand. Try it. Fill a sink with water, set the water it swirling clockwise and then pull the plug. Then do it again, this time swirling it counterclockwise before pulling the plug.
Q:Washbasin water dividers with holes and non-porous differences and uses
The water divider is divided into holes and non-porous, and the hole is mainly used for the drainage of the washbasin with overflow. There will be no water outflow. If there is no overflow wash basin, there is no water Hole it does not matter!
Q:What is the difference between a sink and a wash basin?
A sink is used in kitchen or utility room a wash basin in a bathroom. (UK meanings)
Q:The ceramic washbasin was stained and washed away
Use cola for one hour
Q:Washing machine, wash basin together at least how wide
You want to put on the balcony above, the normal words as long as the width of the balcony in line with the length of the washing machine on the line, you put the washing machine side of the release, the rest of the space is certainly enough to wash the washbasin, and generally about 0.9 meters
Q:a good method for washing dishes by hand?
Do you have a 2 basin sink or a single basin? If you just have a single basin, that's a pain in the rear.. I just run the water on a slight trickle and wash and rinse each dish before putting it into a dish rack with tray to dry.. I have a dish brush that I squirt some soap on every couple dishes.. If you have a two basin sink and both are full, then I wash the dishes in one basin first. When that one is empty, I fill it about half full with warm soapy water. Then I wash the dishes while they're in that sink and once they are all scrubbed I rinse them all with the water on a slight trickle.. It is much much easier though to just keep up with the dishes.. Now I try to just wash them when I have a few rather then waiting for the whole sink to be full. I use a large stainless salad bowl as a mini wash basin so I don't waste too much water..

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