Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide products - beam material

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Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide produced by the beam, used in tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, down draft kiln, has good carrying capacity, to increase the yield of full use of kiln furnace space, the selection of silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide, is the ideal kiln furniture, also can choose the upright post support frame for.

Advanced Refractory Materials Factory,with annual output 36000 tons, is the world's largest nitride bonded silicon carbide products production base ,and with import foreign advanced technology and key equipments, is the national unique factory with high-temperature and high-pressure Nitrogen furnace and frequency modulation and amplitude modulation vibration shaping equipment, which fully insure best quality of advanced refractory materials ,so we can fully guarantee thickness in the 90-450 mm, thick products between the quality of products

Mainly products as super refractory materials Si3N4-SiC, which is the substitute for the traditional Si3N4-SiC, and Sialon-Sic, Sialon-Corundum, Corundum-Mullite, Corundum-Mullite-SiC etc. And other unshaped refractory materials For the those kind of materials with characteristic of high temperature resistance, better wear resistance, better thermal shock resistance, better alkali and acid corrosion resistance, and better chemical stability, perfect and homogeneity for Micro-structure, and better thermal conductivity, which promote materials good properties, and widely used in high temperature industry as followed: 
    1. Being lining materials of high-temperature furnace (lower stack, bosh, belly, and ceramic cup of furnace chamber, and tuyere and tap-hole combined bricks) 
    2. Being sidewall of aluminum electrolytic cell, heating furnace chamber of aluminum melting furnace and pipes for aluminum liquid transportation.
    3.Being high-temperature and wear resistance, alkali and acid corrosion resistance protective materials in Petrochemical industry, rubbish burning furnace, electricity-generating boiler, and heating furnace.
    4. Being furnace tools (like Batts, baffles, columns, Sandwiched Plates, Bowl and work holders) under high and super high temperature in Alumina ceramics products, Ceramics, grinding wheel, electric ceramics, sanitary, and fine ceramics, and magnetic materials.
    5. Being CFB boiler lining and pipe protective materials of corrosion resistance.
    6. Being lining for high temperature furnace, slurry pump, coal ash slurry pump, and mine slurry pump etc.
    7. Being all kinds of unshaped refractory materials and fireclay of high temperature industrial furnace



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Q:What are the specific raw materials for plastic pallets?
With excellent mechanical properties, its strength and elasticity are higher than HDPE, and it has good flexural fatigue resistance. It has good heat resistance and good chemical stability. Besides being concentrated by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, it is relatively stable to other chemical reagents. The high frequency insulation performance of polypropylene is excellent because of its almost no water absorption, so the insulation performance is not affected by temperature.
Q:How much is one ton of high alumina refractory brick?
High alumina refractory brick according to the different content of AL2O3 is divided into grade, grade one and grade two, and grade three high aluminum brick, Zhengzhou Kang Hui refractories factory price in 800-1900 yuan / ton, stable quality, are exported to the domestic and foreign markets.
Q:What causes breakage of refractory bricks?
There are many factors that lead to the damage of refractory brick, can be divided into: the chemical loss (e.g. salt penetration, redox phenomenon), heat loss (burning, thermal shock), mechanical loss (kiln deformation, thrust, brick masonry quality etc.).
Q:How much is the bending temperature aluminum silicon carbide brick for torpedo car
The product has the advantages of high temperature, little creep, strong corrosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance, and is suitable for large and medium-sized hot blast stoves.
Q:The difference between light high alumina brick and heavy aluminum brick
High aluminum brick is one of the ideal heat insulating material, with high strength, low thermal conductivity, good insulation performance, low price and other characteristics, has been widely used in ceramic tunnel kiln, roller kiln, shuttle kiln, kiln wall, it is also used in various heating furnace coking furnace of iron and steel industry and other thermal equipment heat treatment, lining material, and has broad market prospects.
Q:High alumina brick 80 with which high aluminum cement?
In order to maintain a reasonable comprehensive lining, should adopt high quality aluminum refractory mud, such as Sichuan resistance card phosphate refractory mud, refractory clay, high alumina refractory mud PA-80 LN-75, if you use the card volume of Sichuan resistant refractory clay masonry, the effect is better.
Q:Application characteristics of high alumina brick
Refractoriness. High alumina brick products are advanced varieties of aluminium silicate refractory products, and their refractoriness increases with the increase of Al2O3 content, generally not less than 1750 - 1790 DEG C. If the content of Al2O3 is more than 95% of corundum brick, the refractoriness can be as high as 1900-2000 degrees.
Q:The difference between clay bricks and clay bricks
Sintering bricks do not have clay bricks, so sintering bricks are made of stone. Clay brick is clay cooking, two yo, qualitative difference, but the appearance and color almost, but the quality is very different, life expectancy is also a great gap.
Q:Density of high alumina bricks
The density of high alumina bricks is determined according to the price. The average density is between 2.3-2.5g/cm3. The higher the density, the higher the price, the higher the aluminum bricks are in the industry. More than 2.4 are required.
Q:What is the difference between high alumina brick and clay brick?
Lightweight high alumina bricks are usually made of high alumina bauxite clinker with a small amount of clay. After grinding, the bricks are poured and shaped in the form of slurry by gas or foam method. They are fired at 1300~1500 DEG C. Sometimes industrial alumina can be used instead of some bauxite clinker. Used for lining and insulation of masonry kilns, as well as for areas where there is no strong, high temperature molten material erosion and erosion. When contacting the flame directly, the surface contact temperature shall not be higher than 1350 degrees centigrade.

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