Shifeng golden Eagle Crawler Type Full feeding rice combine harvester

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China main port
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1 unit
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100 unit/month

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All of the breeze gold eagle series track types' feeding paddy rice to associately harvest machine is a domestic is mature currently of harvest a machine product, the product absorbs the advantage of essential model on the market, and take into to improve, raised credibility and function, the whole machine operated more vivid, the shape is more beautiful, have breadth to mow Taiwan, big power, big food box, highland Xi and high-efficiency etc. characteristics.



















Main function characteristics

The all new bridge house(can choose to pack simple Peng) drives to multiply by comfort, the beauty is generous

Strengthen bedrock, strengthen to drive bridge, highland Xi, the homework applicability is strong, dependable sex Gao

Adopt four allied take, strengthen credibility

The crest places 1.2 square meter big food Cang, raise a work efficiency

It's higher to mow knife to drive an adoption to outside put wreath structure credibility

Adoption double's twisting a Huang type to play Chi to stir a grain round function is better

Go together with to pack 4102 excellent motors, the power storage is big, work efficiency GaoThe motor water tank protects an inside out maintenance of cover to maintain more convenience

Ground Xi Gao, defend to sink function well, pass ability strong

Is pure to choose to separate to equip an adoption double breeze machine a double circle tube the Shai add to vibrate tail Shai pure choose device, two times reply to take off, two pure choose, pure choose quality better

Newly taking off a grain of organization to separate area is big, lose low, the adaptability is strong

Take to strengthen a type to reply to take off to stir blade dragon, reply to take off effect better

Taking off a grain of device roller pole Chi is adjustable, take off adjustable big cleft of a grain of cleft to keep broken up and small cleft from defending to take off a grain not clean

Can choose a hydraulic to change direction organization, change direction, manipulate vivid and convenient

Go together with to take a cellular phone to refresh and maintain light electric outlet, the customer uses more convenience

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Q:We used talk about system of shutters
Kubota is the first of these three companies to come to China, but the technology is the worst, in the Japanese agricultural industry, is a letter of the little brother.
Q:Which country is invented by the harvester?
1, China began production of animal rocker harvesters and other types of animal harvesters in 1952;
Q:What is the difference between hydraulic oil for harvesters and hydraulic oil for dump trucks? Can it be generic?
Vehicle hydraulic transmission oil is a special oil, commonly used is 6 #, 8 # hydraulic transmission oil. Dump truck with hydraulic oil commonly used L-HM46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil. Two kinds of oil are special oil, not common.
Q:What is the current domestic sugar cane harvester, which is good?
At present, foreign cutland sugar cane harvester has John Deere CH330 and Case A8000 type, A4000 type, the domestic mature sugar cane machine has Coria 4GZ-91 type, before Yunma Han Sheng also production, and later did not do for various reasons
Q:Yan Ma 85 harvester with scissors please?
Yanmar 85 design a little lack, relatively speaking, 85 is 82 upgrade version should be able to. But the knife can be said to be a failed thing
Q:How about the engine of the John Deere c110 harvester
Compared with other similar products, John Deere C110 combine harvester, whether it is innovative technology or operating efficiency are very close to the actual needs of users.
Q:Does the starred 788 harness function?
Jiangsu basically determined in 2012 to implement the "full price purchase" subsidy policy, the past financial subsidies from the machine money on the spot buckle method will no longer be implemented, for the majority of users this may be good news, although you need to raise when buying
Q:Aihe Harvester which is what Secretary, the quality of what?
Aihe harvester is not good, service attitude worse, call is not something, that is not empty, too bad, after buying regret
Q:What is China's most advanced corn harvester?
Is the recovery of grain without straw to the field, generally more than six lines up to 24 lines, but in addition to farming other than these models do not apply, but also with our domestic car which made such a saying is called "wheat has
Q:Yang Ma licensing rice harvesters are imported from Japan or domestic 30
2, that is, the brand of the harvester is Japan, the technology is also Japan, but the domestic sales of Yang Ma licensing harvesters, are the Japanese brand in China set up companies and factories for production and sales.

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