shifeng ingenious series of ride-type rice transplanter

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Product Description:

Main Parameters
Model                                                                          2Z
Features size(long × breadth × Gao)(millimeter)2410 ×s 2312 ×s 1300

The whole machine quality(1000 gram)                           280

Diesel engine model number                                     170F

Diesel engine power(kilowatt|horsepower)                      2.94|4

The diesel engine turns soon(r|min)                              2600

Put to plant to go a number(go)                                      6

Put to plant a line to be apart from(millimeter)                     300

Put a plant to be apart from(millimeter)                       120:140

Work efficiencyIs                                        2-3 acres of/h


Function characteristics:

·Install 170 diesel motors, the function stabilizes, the noise is small;

·Keep the whole machine, structure concentration, easily dismantle to unload, maintain convenience;

·Plant to go a several to choose, economize rice seedling, plant even;

·The easily vivid model operates in brief and transplants rice seedling easily;

·The whole machine shape beauty only has one space;

·Choose sparse the different need for planting wheel gear, satisfying a customer.

·Increase arm-rest and put a Yang, make operation be getting more convenient and safe.

·Run about wheel gear strength to strengthen, the breakdown leads much lower.

·The boat deck adopts a high strength glass steel material to anticipate and antiskid structure, have to bear corrosion, anti-aging turn, light weight, the life span grow etc. advantage.

·The chain box, work box and cent puts organization to die-casting an aluminum metal alloy piece for high pressure, the strength is higher.

·Yang box adoption stainless steel the material models at a time and has strength Gao and doesn't easily transform etc. advantage.

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Q:What are the benefits of the harvester compared to the sickle?
1, harvest clean, laying neatly, can be shop or stacking; 2, in the paddy field dry land rapid harvest rice, beans, wheat and other crops;
Q:Ge50 harvester platinum wire engine black smoke is very serious
If the mixed oil contains too much oil or oil quality is poor, combustible mixture of oil can not be completely burned, resulting in black smoke.
Q:What is the difference between hydraulic oil for harvesters and hydraulic oil for dump trucks? Can it be generic?
Are generally 8 # hydraulic oil, general, the direction of the oil is also common
Q:How does the harvester Ward card care?
Experience of maintenance of semi - feed combine harvesters
Q:Kubota 488 harvester cut wheat semi-feed and full feed which is good
The full feed harvester does not meet this requirement at the stubble height.
Q:How to import the Japanese second-hand Kubota harvester, second-hand harvester import process
Third, included in the "inspection of regulatory measures list" management measures Table 1 of the import of old mechanical and electrical products for the prohibition of entry of goods.
Q:The characteristics of the automatic harvester
3, can be used for harvesting wheat, rice, barley, hemp, beans and other crops.
Q:Brave harvester with John Deere corn harvester which is good?
, The machine design novel, cutting table, peeling, stalk crushing and other aspects of bold innovation, suitable for China's northeast corn cultivation of agronomic requirements.
Q:What brand of large wheat harvester performance is good
Followed by the harvest of Fukuda, of course, two years of holdings are also greatly increased.
Q:How to adjust the harvester working time
All-feed crawler self-propelled rice combine harvester is an ideal rice harvesting machine on the market. Its structure is simple, compact layout, flexible operation, easy maintenance, good performance through wetland, and wheat.

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