SF DZ-3 Ⅱ power quality monitor (Good Quality)

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Product Description:

SF DZ-3 Ⅱ power quality monitor

Instrument Features    

1、Data processing adopts multi-DSP architecture, which can ensure high accuracy and precision in data measurement.

2、It can realize flexible arrangement of measuring voltage and current signals in 12 channels.

3、Combine software and hardware by phase-locked loop to ensure synchronous sampling strictly.

4、It can install the screen individually or constitute multiple measuring spots into network to realize one-to-many .

monitoring and analysis .

5、Display by 6.4-inch color LCD screen.

6、Support various communication interface such as network、Modem、RS232/485.

7、Provide full support for PQDIF data file.

Instrument Function

1、Power quality parameter can measure 3-phase fundamental voltage and current, active and inactive power,3-phase voltagefluctuation, short-term and long-term flicker,  ΔS fluctuating load apparent power change, and positive-sequence, negative-sequence, zero-sequence and unbalance of 3-phase voltage and current.

2、Harmonic can measure (63 times, A class)all 3-phase harmonic voltage ratio, all 3-phase harmonic current ratio, all 3-phase harmonic active and inactive power,3-phase harmonic voltage’s distortion, 3-phase harmonic current distortion. 

3、Real-time monitoring(local real-time monitoring software can real-time monitor local data)、recording at regular time(Record a group of measurement results every 3 minutes and store for one year.)

4、Set up arbitrarily alarming and tripping limit value of  harmonic voltage and current. The device will supply closed node of relay if themeasuring value exceeds the setting limit value.

5、Provide auto-restart function.

6、Transient voltage(including the records of voltage dip, voltage swell, over voltage, under voltage)

7、GPS time setting function, adopting GPS B time setting mode.

Background Software Function

1、Site management function It includes site information and path information function. It can set, edit and revise these main information and path’s detailed information. It can set the limit value of power quality indicators.

2、Data analysis is the core content of this monitor system, which can analyze the real-time and historical data and form various report forms. The statistical results can be respectively exported to RTF file, Excel sheet, HTML file, PDF file, text file, JPG picture, etc. It also supports edit and printout function.

3、The system can record the transient events such as voltage dip, voltage swell, over voltage, under voltage in selected period, which include transient data record, transient event list and transient event analysis. It also support out-print of transient event record.

4、Clock calibration function 

The clock in the device can correct the time with background server automatically at regular time.

5、Power quality report forms

The system can offer respectively printout function of annual, quarterly, monthly report forms and statistical forms at any time quantum. The statistical content includes all power quality indexes’ maximum value, minimum value, average value, 95% probability value, national standard limit value and judgment whether these are up to standard. Moreover it supports the statistical forms to be exported to RTF file, Excel sheet, HTML file, PDF file, text file, JPG picture etc. 

It also supports edit and printout function.

Collocation chart of voltage and current channel

Serial No.

Collocation of measuring channel

Serial No.

Collocation of measuring channel

Serial number of the corresponding channel


Measure 1×3 phase voltage signal and 11×3 phase current signal

CH01 used to measure voltage signal

CH02-CH12 used to measure current signal


Measure 2×3 phase voltage signal and 10×3 phase current signal

CH01-CH02 used to measure voltage signal

CH03-CH12 used to measure current signal


Measure 3×3 phase voltage signal and 9×3 phase current signal

CH01-CH03 used to measure voltage signal

CH04-CH12 used to measure current signal


Measure 4×3 phase voltage signal and 8×3 phase current signal

CH01-CH04used to measure voltage signal

CH05-CH12 used to measure current signal


Measure 5×3 phase voltage signal and 7×3 phase current signal

CH01-CH05used to measure voltage signal

CH06-CH12 used to measure current signal


Measure 6×3 phase voltage signal and 6×3 phase current signal

CH01-CH06 used to measure voltage signal

CH07-CH12 used to measure current signal


The full match of the unit is 12 signal measuring channels. When operating, choose the corresponding serial number of the channel, then enter the corresponding voltage or current measuring and analysis Windows. Marked with * means customer-made.

Equipment hole size


Unit: millimeter

Note: The depth of the equipment is 380mm. In order to support instrument, making a holder depth 250mm and paralleled with 

the hole bottom line.


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