SBT-KNQ Ⅰ Alkali-free liquid accelerator for wet-mix shotcrete

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Alkali-free liquid accelerator for wet-mix shotcrete

SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) is a high performance alkali-free accelerator for wet-mix shotcrete, which is an inorganic salt-based liquid. It is possible to produce shotcrete characterized by rapid setting time and very quick strength  development after only a very short curing time.

SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) is suitable for all sprayed concrete applications, especially for spraying high quality concrete  which required both high early strength and high final strength. The main uses of SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) are:
● In tunnels
● In mining
● For temporary and final rock support
● Slope stabilization


SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) is an ideal accelerator for wet-mix sprayed concrete
SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) is a liquid accelerator, so it provides easy handling, as well as easy and efficient addition to the  shotcrete, produces little dust and therefore a better working environment
● Quick setting properties allow rapid work progress
● Excellent early strength development
● Limits the decrease of final strength
● Improves bond of shotcrete to rock and concrete, which leads to lower rebound and higher cmpaction degree of  shotcrete
● Alkali-free, which eliminates any adverse effects from additional alkalis in the spray dust
● alkali-free, which reduces the risk of alkali-aggregate reactions, and concrete accelerated with this product is not subject to leaching, therefore no additional  surface and ground water pollution by leached out alkalis
● Non corrosive to steel reinforcement

pH value:2.5-5
Alkali equivalent(Na2O)(%):<0.1
Dosage(%):5-8 in weight by weight of cement

Laboratory testing
SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) can be sensitive to the age and type of cement. It is strongly recommended to do preliminary  tests to evaluate the compatibility and dosage of SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) with the cement available on site.

SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) is a suspension to be added in the spraying nozzle during the spraying phase. It is recommended that  SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) be stirred enough prior to use.

The dosage of SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) varies according to the type and amount of cement, the age of the cement, the      water-binder ratio, and the temperature of the shotcrete, air and substrate. The dosage normally ranges  

between 5-8% in weight by weight of cement.

Cleaning of the dosing pump
Mixing SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) with other accelerators may cause immediate clogging of pumps and hoses.  So the dosing pump,including suction hose and accelerator hose, must be thoroughly cleaned with

plenty of water. During the application, the whole pump system has to be cleaned with water every day.

SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) is supplied in 50 Litre plastic drums, containers or in bulk.

SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) must be stored in closed plastic containers at a temperature between +5℃ and +35℃.  The shelf life is 6 months from date of manufacture if stored in original packaging and protected from  frost. After long-term storge we recommend that SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) be always stirred.

SBT-KNQ(Ⅰ) contains aluminium complexes which are hazardous if swallowed  and irritate eyes and skin. Avoid the product coming into contact with the eyes and skin.  If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with running  water and seek medical advice. Always use suitable protective gloves, goggles and a protective  face mask. If swallowed, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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