Reinforced Steel Mat/Erosion Control Mat for Slope Reinforcement Project

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Product Description:

3D Reinforced Erosion Control Mat/Steel Mat Introduction


Erosion control is an integrated composite of high-tensile steel mesh and a three dimensional mat of PP monofilaments.

The combination of these two unique meshes results in a geomat which is very simple and fast to install and provides an optimal basis for the re-vegetation

of bare areas.

This synthetic material combines the perfect corrosion resistance of geomats, it has higher mechanical tension force and stronger erosion resistance.



3D Reinforced Erosion Control Mat/Steel Mat Introduction Property


1) Self permeability, the gap of erosion control is helpful to discharge of water from the structure, meanwhile, relevant cost of drainage equipment for traditional structure is saved.

2) Stereo vegetability, the stereoscopic properties can greatly enhance the growth space of plants, natural exchange of water and soil is realized. Increasing greening area, and realizing flexible slope protection.

3) Long service life, its raw material is 10% Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Steel Wire, with stronger corrosion resistance, it can guarantee its service life. Stable performance, ultraviolet resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance.

4) Easy to installation, simple operation, less disturbance by climate and suitable for mechanized operation can ensure construction quality and speed up construction progress.


3D Reinforced Erosion Control Mat/Steel Mat Introduction Data Sheet



Mesh Size

Tensile Strength(MD)

Tensile Strength(CD)

Edge wire tensile strength

The intensity of coating

Steel Mesh









Melting Point

Void Index











3D Reinforced Erosion Control Mat/Steel Mat Introduction Application

a) Public / railway embankment, embankment, cutting, bridge abutments
b) Landslides, mudslides and control engineering
c) Inland port, coastal protection, urban construction of retaining structures, river training works







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Obtain engineering or engineering economics undergraduate degree, work for 4 years, which engaged in construction project construction management work for 3 years. , To obtain engineering or engineering economics double bachelor's degree or graduate class graduation, work for 3 years, which engaged in construction project construction management work for 2 years.
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From the narrow sense of the definition, civil engineering is equivalent to civil engineering, that is, construction (or structural engineering) this small range.
Q:For the civil engineering students, material mechanics need to grasp to what extent?
Material mechanics are as important as civil professionals as the Bible to Christians. The best degree to test more than 90 points. Almost every chapter is the focus, but the bending-related chapters are the most important.
Q:Material molding and control technology and civil engineering is not near professional?
No, there is a big difference
Q:Why civil engineering to solve the problem is to give full play to the role of materials
Material compatibility issues. We all know that the football team has played well, not to the best players in a certain area together, but to cooperate with each other well. The same is true between the different materials.
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The relevant companies may not be a lot, may graduate or go to the material or energy-related professional employment.
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