Reinforced Steel Bar Corrosion Inhibitor

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Reinforced Steel Bar Corrosion Inhibitor

MNC-RI is a high effective corrosion inhibitor for concrete reinforced construction. MNC-RI prevents or delays corrosion process towards reinforced steel, so as to extend reinforced concrete life span.

Technical Specifications
Table 1


Test Items

Standard Specifications

Actual Test Value

Anti-corrosion performance

1. Salt solution immersion test

Non-corrosion electric potential, 0 ~ 250mV

Non-corrosion electric potential, -179mV

2. Wet & dry/cold & hot circulation test (60   times)



3. Electric chemistry displacement test



Effect to concrete property

1. Compressive strength


125%( compare with reference sample)

2. Anti-seepage performance


110%( compare with reference sample)

3. Initial setting time, min

-60-+120 (compare with reference sample)

-50 (compare with reference sample)

Table 2



Air Content, %


Ratio of Bleeding Rate, %


Setting Time Difference (initial and final), min

-90 +120

Compressive Strength, %


28 days Shrinkage Rate, %


 Note: It complies with YB/T9231-98 < Reinforced Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor Standard>.

Main Performance

1. MNC-RI can prevent and delay the electric chemical process of the reinforced steel bar to extend the reinforced concrete service life.
2. Test should be taken before mixing with air entraining admixture. When temperature is higher than 25 degree C, it has accelerating, rapid setting effect and also slump loss effect.
3. MNC-RI has water reducing effect while keeps flowability.

Application range
MNC-RI is applied in chloride-based corrosion environment constructions, such as maritime and coastal works, and other constructions which containing chloride.

1. Recommended addition rate: C ×3.0%, say 100kg cement with 3 kg of MNC-RI.
2. (1). While applied in moderately corrosive environment, such as industrial and civil constructions and bridges, the recommended addition rate is 4 ~ 8 kg/m3.  (2). While applied in heavy corrosive environment, such as maritime and coastal constructions, the recommended addition rate is 8 ~ 12kg/m3.
3. Regarding to the mixing procedure, first mix MNC-RI, cement and aggregate with mixer, than add water into it. The mixing time can be prolonged properly to ensure homogeneity.
4. Do test before adding any other admixture into the concrete, so as to make sure whether the concrete is adoptable or not, air-entraining water reducing admixture is not allowed to be added. 

Package, Storage & Handling
MNC-RI is packed in woven fabric bag with plastic liner. Net weight: 40kg +/- 0.13 kg.
Cautions should be taken to prevent packages from being torn by sharp-ended objects while being transferred or delivered. When being contaminated by high humidity or moisture in case of leakage, it can be prepared in prescribed ways for further use without surrendering any effect.
It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse which is well-ventilated and dry, away from flammable and combustible items, especially open flames. The shelf life is one year.


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