pvc-u or upvc water supply low price pipe

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Country of origin: Shandong,China specification: dn20mm-80mm standard: GB/T10002.1-2006
length: 4m/6m colour: gray/white

Product Description:

What is UPVC?
 UPVC or Unplasticized PVC,PVCU is composed of certain additives (such as stabilizers, lubricants, fillers ) and amorphous thermoplastic resin which vinyl choride monmer is polymerzated to made .In addition to using the additive,using approach of blending with other resins modified has obvoius practical value.These resins have CPVC, PE, ABS, EVA, MBS etc. High melt viscosity of UPVC,poor mobility,even with a high injection pressure and melt temperature,liquidity will not change much.Molding temperature and thermal decomposition temperature is very close.so molded temperature range is very narrow and UPVC is a difficult molding material.
Why Choose UPVC Pipe for Water Supply?

UPVC pipe is non-toxic,no pollution and corrossion-resistant.application pplication temperature is not more than 40 degrees (cold water pipe).diameter of pipe is 40-100mm .the common application engineering of UPVC pipe iswaterworks ,electrical ,construction ,ground water ,telephone,well drlling,salt water ,gas supply ,chenmical factory,paper mill,acidifying&fermenting plant,electroplating groend,,agricultual plant,,mining plant,free way,,golf course engineering,fishery use for plastic raft.

pvc-u or upvc water supply  low price  pipe
What are advantages of UPVC Pipe for Water Supply?
1. light weight, convenient transportation and handling:
2.PVC pipe has excellent resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, very appropriate for the chemical industry
3.Small fluid resistance:
Smooth pipe wall , small fluid resistance , the roughness coefficient only 0.009, lower than other pipe;at the rate of same flow, the diameter can be reduced.
4.mechanical strength
Better Water pressure resistance strength , pressure-resistant strength andimpact strengthvery appropriate for a variety of conditions of the plumbing.
5.good electrical insulation properties
PVC pipe has excellent electrical insulation for wire /cable conduits and wire pipe for building.
6.does not affect the water quality
PVC pipe does not affect water quality because of confirmation of the dissolution tests ;the best pipe for drinking water pipe
7.simple construction

joining of PVC pipe construct quicklyand easily, so the construction project costs low.
Nominal pressure and specification of pipe system
Material :Unplasticzed polyvinyl chloride(UPVC)resin
Standard:GB/T10002.1-2006 OR ISO4422-1996
Pipe Length:6m

Nominal diameterdn(mm)Mean outside diameterWall thicknessout of roundness ≤
9090. 77.81.8

Table 2size of welded pipe socket

Nominal outside diamete Dn(mm)Minimum length of pipe socket (mm)Mean inner diameter of pipe socket cenral(mm)The maximum taper αofsocket

The physical properties of the pipe should meet the following requirements: 
Vicat softening temperature:not less than 80 ℃ 
Elastic Modulus:3000MPa 
Expansion coefficient of Axial line :0.06-0.07mm/m℃

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Q:Aging of natural gas pipeline
1, gas water heater should be installed in a well ventilated and people stay less room or aisle, can not install the living room, bedroom and other rooms, the water heater is strictly prohibited installed in the bathroom.2, use gas water heater, do not close the door and window, in order to keep the indoor air circulation, avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.3, regular professional companies to gas water heater maintenance and maintenance, in order to eliminate potential safety problems.4, gas water heater service life is generally 6 to 8 years, it is best to timely replacement of water heaters over the years, in order to ensure the safe use.
Q:Automotive applications of rubber hose
Each kind of rubber has its characteristic, therefore is specially important in the hose material selection. Basically the high-end cars use materials is relatively good, some poor materials using mini car, van, car and as some in the use of nitrile rubber as fuel tube, nitrile rubber are not suitable for fuel system. Thus, the substitution of epichlorohydrin rubber fluorine rubber hose is relatively extensive.
Q:Is the metal hose the same as the soft connection?
Some places are a term, but there are also soft connections, non-metallic soft connections, metal soft connections, so it's better to ask what you want
Q:What's the metal hose for fire fighting?
Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance (-196, ~+420), light weight, small size, good flexibility. Widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, paper making, timber, textiles, construction, medicine, food, tobacco, transportation and other industries.1 、 flexible metal hose between flexible hose, bending radius is small.2 、 metal hose has better flexibility, no obstruction or stiffness.3 、 metal hose unit light weight, caliber consistency is good.4 、 flexible metal hose, repeated bending and flexibility.
Q:Method for connecting glass tube and rubber tube
Put the glass tube wet with water, and then put the rubber tube water preheating, now holding a glass tube, a hand wring rubber tube, you can complete the glass tube and a rubber tube connection.
Q:What kind of rubber hose does not leak the smell of liquefied gas?
The advantages of using stainless steel corrugated hose are first strength, long life and durability, and the cracks in the rubber tube and the bite of the rat in the past are obviously not appearing on the stainless steel bellows.
Q:How to determine the parker381 hose joint?
PARKER hose connector specifications: 1/4 "to 2", the connection form of DKO 24 cone, American NPT taper thread, JIC37 degree flared, ORFS American plane seal, JIS60 cone, JIS30 degree flared, SAE flange etc.. It can be divided into three series: detachable, buckle pressing and Push-Lok. The detachable series hose joint does not need special equipment when it is assembled, so it is easy to operate. It is especially suitable for field operation and can be reused. But because of the high price, fewer customers are used. Buckling type series high voltage because the connection is reliable and widely used, but the processing assembly need to withhold special equipment, so the majority of customers directly buy hose assembly. Push-Lok series are suitable for low voltage applications. They are widely used in automobile production lines because of their rapid assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance and replacement. They are also widely used in the die industry.
Q:What are the types of metal hose couplings?
DKJ jointStructure and characteristics:The DKJ card sleeve type metal hose joint can connect the steel pipe without the screw and the hose, and save the thread setting process, just screw the screw in;The metal joint is made of zinc alloy. The surface is zinc plated, sanded or chrome plated. The structure is compact and the strength is high. The steel pipe and the metal hose are connected reliably, and the appearance is beautiful;The metal fittings are jacketed to connect the metal hose to the non threaded steel tube;Suitable metal hose: JS, JSH, JSB, JSHG;Adaptation: steel thin steel wire pipe, black, tin pipe (water, gas);When choosing DKJ card type metal joint, please pay attention to the specification and size of the connecting pipe hose.
Q:What are the matters that should be paid attention to when installing rubber hose joint in water pump?
Know the rubber pipe joint is also called rubber joints, with vibration and noise reduction effect in the pipeline, and if used in water pump, so its main function is to prevent the suction flat and bear short time pressure, avoid water pump power and vibration and suction pipe bottom swing, the uniform flow and promotion in addition, the pump power consumption is reduced, because the rubber joint wall vertical groove, and prevent the vortex pump water, thereby improving the efficiency of water pump.
Q:Access toilet water inlet hose joints, how to repair water?
You try to put the connector aside, hold some force in the toilet hole, or add a person to press it with your hand, then swivel the pipe joint and maybe open it.

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