Propagate seeding set/grow seedlings pot/Plastic Propagation Nursery Tray

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Germination station with electric heat, humidity control and 72-cell seedling inserts

Provides gentle warmth to the planting bed; controls humidity under 2-inch dome

Humidity dome with dual vent points for optimal airflow

Includes seed starting booster, instructions with growing tips

Watertight base tray measures 11 by 22 inches

Heated Germination Station seed starting system Offers increased growing success by providing gentle warmth to the planting bed and by controlling the humidity under the dome, much like a greenhouse. 


Includes 17 watt, UL listed, waterproof heat mat and 11 inch x 22 inch watertight growing tray with a 72 cell seedling insert and instructions.



1,Our seeding trays are with good intensity, strong enough and suitable for long distance transportation and mechanization of transplanting and they have good abilities of water retention.

2, If our seed tray don’t meet your request , we can also develop new mould for the seed tray you need .

3,Our seeding tray is high quality with competitive price ,and they are Eco-Friendly , Recyclable and Reuse.

4,Fast delivery : we can finish your order with in 10-20 days according to your order quantity .

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