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Product Description:

PPR Pipes & Fittings Characteristics and Benefits:

1.Green, environmental protection, sanitation non-toxic, health indicators in line with national drinking water requirements.
2.Good stability, resistance to high temperature and pressure.
3.Excellent anti-aging properties, service life over 50 years under the German standards DIN8077/8078
4.A hot melt homogeneity connect to eliminate hidden dangers of leakage
5.Meeting all health requirements, no corrosion and/or encrustation
6.Exceptionally long service life while preserving high utility value
7.Trouble-free operations with less noise
8.Quick, easy and clean installation works
9.Resistance in aggressive environments(e.g.in agricultural applications)

PPR Pipes & Fittings Color:

Grey, White, Green

PPR Pipes & Fittings International Standards:


PPR Pipes & Fittings International Certificates:


PPR Pipes & Fittings Environmental Aspects:

Fully recyclable product; neither toxic nor otherwise harmful substances are used in its manufacture and/or application

PPR Pipes & Fittings Intended Use:

1.Distribution for cool and hot water
2.Pipes for kinds of high-temperature and low-temperature heating system.
3.Pipes for heating and colling settings in solar energu system
4.Connecting pipe for air-conditions

PPR Pipes & Fittings Technical Specifications:

Material-statistical polypropylene copolymer(random-copolymer)for injection moulding and extrusion processes with excellent welding ability;nickel-plated brass fittings.
Manufacturing process-pipes are produced by extrusion, while fittings by injection moulding
Shapes-pipe lengths or coils
Assembly/fixing-the product range covers all needs for interior water distribution systems and heating system routes
Transitions for other pipe materials-implemented by threaded connections(i.e.by combined couplings)or flange connections
Coupling-standard method is poly fusion welding or by electro fitting
Surface finish-elements are in white and green colour without any finish, separate metal elements-brass, alternatively nickel plated, black identification printing on the surface

PPR Pipes & Fittings Physic-chemical Properties:

1.Specific weight-0.9kg/m3
2.Thermal expansion coefficient-for PPR pipes 0.12mm/mK
3.Thermal conductivity 0.22W/mK, fire rating-Class C3
4.Resistance against chemicals-PPR piping systems are intended mainly for water distribution(drinking, cold, hot, irrigation and etc.)-it is also possible to use the system for other media, in which case their concrete use is governed by DIN8078 Bb1-possible to consult the manufacturer

Different Nominal Pressure, Different Application:

1.PN10-cold water distribution and floor heating systems
2.PN12.5-cold water distribution and floor heating systems
3.PN16-higher pressure cold water distribution and DHW systems at lower pressures
4.PN20-hot water distribution systems, central heating

Nominal Pressure and Sizing:



PPR-AL-PPR equal-thickness wall composite pipe:

1.PPR-AL-PPR aluminum plastic composite pipe is consisted of five layers.
2.The middle layer is thin aluminum, outer layer is PPR, inner layer is PPR.
3.There is imported heat glue which is extruded by high temperature and high pressure.

1.Five-storey structure combines the rigid metal pipe and health and sealing plastic pipe perfectly.
2.The middle layer of aluminum isolates the external air, infiltrating the external oxygen barrier pipe,inhibiting the bacterial survival in the breeding pipeline.It is used to ensure the health of the water in the pipe and to prevent secondary pollution invisible.
3.The expansion properties of PPR-AL-PPR pipe is close to metallic materials, and has no apparent"expansion in hot and reduction in cold" when install and apply to use, the outside is more straight and arractive.

1.Greatly reduced linear expansion coefficient, only 1/4 of that of PPR
2.100% oxygen tightness, suitable for heating system.
3.Improved resistant to impulse under low temperature, resistant to UV-rays.
4.Easily detected by detector when embedded, owing to the metal layer.

Nominal Pressure and Sizing:
PN25, 20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm/63mm

FR-PPR Fibreglass high-powered composite pipe

1.FR-PPR Fibreglass high-powered composite pipe is consisted of three layers.
2.The middle layer adopts imported fibreglass strengthen material, the inner and the outer layer is PPR.

1.FR-PPR pipe has higher strength, higher tenacity and lower linear expansion coefficient.
2.Non-deformation pipeline,more attractive appearance.
3.Resist high temperature,leak explosion-proof pipe.

1.1/3 lower coefficient of thermalexpansion than common PPR pipe
2.Thin,light,20% flow capacity addition
3.More compression resistance,longer service life
4.Outdoor installation, widely applied fields
5.Completely use imported raw material, ensure product quality

Nominal Pressure and Sizing:
PN20/PN25, 20mm/25mm/32mm/40mm/50mm/63mm


All different kinds of Fittings we are supplying


Plastic fittings
2.Equal Tee
3.Elbow 45°
4.Elbow 90°
5.Pipe Caps
6.Reducing Elbow
8.Plastic Union
9.Long siphon
10.Short bypass bend
11.Long bypass bend
12.Flange set
14.Reducing tee
15.Pipe plug
16.Long pipe plug
17.Three-way elbow
18.Elbow 45° internal/external
19.Elbow 45° internal/external
20.Plastic clip
21.Plastic double clip


Brass fittings
1.Female threaded coupling
2.Male threaded coupling
3.Female threaded elbow
4.Male threaded elbow
5.Female threaded tee
6.Male threaded tee
7.Female threaded union
8.Male threaded union
9.Socket brass union
10.Male threaded elbow with disk
11.Female threaded elbow with disk
12.Reducing sleeve with metal male thread"dGK"with cross
13.Tee with tap connector male
14.Tee with tap connector female
15.Elbow 90° for wall mounting male
16.Elbow 90° for wall mounting female
15.Elbow 90° for wall mounting internal/external male
16.Elbow 90° for wall mounting internal/external female
17.Elbow 90°for gypsumwall mounting
18.Wall mounting group with tap connectors
19.Double female elbow with tap connector
20.Double male elbow with tap connector
21.Double female tee with tap connector
22.Double male tee with tap connector


PPR Fitting FAQ

1.What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is usually 5 CTNS.

2.What is your delievery time?
The time of delievery is around 30 days.

3.What is your payment terms?
We accept 30% T/T in advance,70% in the period of shipment or 100% L/C.

4.What is the shipping port?
We ship the goods to Ningbo or Shanghai port.

5.What is the address of your company?
Our company locates in Beijing while our production base locates in Ningbo

6.How about the samples?
Generally, we could send you the samples for free, however you need to pay the courier fee.

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Q:What quota should plastic tube be fitted?
In the pipeline installation, the plastic flange sleeve quota can be carried out according to the following conditions: installation engineering, plastic pipe installation, plastic flange installation, included in the flange valve
Q:PSP plastic steel composite pressure pipe has several ways of connecting
The pipe wall is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, and the scale is not fouling. Under the same pipe diameter and pressure, the head loss is 30% lower than that of the metal pipe, and larger transmission flow can be obtainedConnection: the product adopts double hot melt connection, no leakage.
Q:Method for using steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe
Welding replacement of electric melting pipe fittings, must ensure that the pipeline without water retention, otherwise it is difficult to weld the fused pipe solid.
Q:How to connect the steel tube and the steel tubes?
Characteristics of electric fusion welding:The electric heating welding technology is easy to construct and quick to implement. It can be used for welding and weldingThe welding reliability is good, and the strength and density are better than other connection methodsKeep the inner wall of the pipe smooth, without affecting the flow area
Q:PE plastic pipe surface is concave, how could it happen?
Before the pipeline connection, the pipe, pipe fittings and accessory equipment shall be checked according to the design requirements, and the appearance inspection shall be conducted at the construction site, and may be used in accordance with the requirements. Main inspection items include pressure rating, external surface quality, matching quality, consistency of material, etc..
Q:How to connect the wire mesh, steel tape and plastic composite pipe?
The connection of hole net, steel belt and polyethylene composite pipe can be made in two ways: fused pipe fittings and flange joint.
Q:Natural gas aluminum pipe, what fittings are best the used?
Gas aluminum composite pipe has yellow Q mark, mainly used to transport natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and gas pipeline system. Because the middle layer of aluminum plastic pipe is made of aluminum, the permeation of gas on plastic can be avoided, so the utility model is more suitable for gas pipelines.
Q:Regarding the connection of plastic pipes and inspection wells, is the flexible connection or rigid connection?
The connection between the pipeline and the inspection well shall be constructed according to the design drawing. When the socket pipe is connected with the well wall of the inspection well, the socket pipe fittings shall be supplied by the manufacturer;
Q:What are the connecting modes of steel wire mesh and plastic composite pipes?
The tube surface melting and melt, melt pipe expansion and full clearance, until the appearance of pipe has two mutually melt, melt together, cooling after molding, pipe fittings are closely connected as a whole.
Q:PVC what's the direct head of the outside pipe?
Hello, PVC, the outside of the pipe is directly attached to the external tooth.Wire and teeth refers to the pipe metal parts of the thread, the outer wire is the outer thread of the pipe, is metal pipe and non-metallic (mainly refers to PP-R, PVC and other plastic pipes) directly connected pipe fittings.PVC water supply pipe and wire directly, as with the pipe connection.

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