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maintenance-Free Operation 

Absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology ensures efficient gas recombination up to 99%

and freedom from electrolyte maintenance.During the expected float service life of Leadhoo

batteries,no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte or add water.


Good Discharging Ability

Tight assembly technology ensures an excellent high-rate discharge performance.


Long Service Life

A unique corrosion-resistant grid alloy ensures Leadhoo batteries have long service life.


Low Self Discharge 

Using high purity raw materials ensures Leadhoo batteries have less self-discharge.


Environmental & Non-polluting

Gas Recombination technology ensures the battery high seal reacting rate, which can

prevent the acid fog from separating out.


ModelSEL 200-12
Capacity200AH  (C20)
194AH    (C10)
180AH    (C5)
158AH    (C1)
Dimension (mm)lenth: 522
width: 224
height: 238
total height: 240
Maintenancefree(valve regular)
Working terperature-40°C~60°C
Floating life5 years
Design life5 years
Warranty2 years
Discharge details
DoD data  3000-3500 (25%)
Self discharge (25°C)91%(3 month)
82%(6 month)
64%(12 month)
Internal Resistance4.9 Ω (Fully charged battery at 25°C)
Grid Plate CaPb alloy, PbSn alloy, PbSb alloy
Diachylon 1# ceruse(99.99%)
Liquid Dilute sulfuric acid
Terminal Lead, Zinc, Copper
Shell PC\ABS


       different color 

MINGDENG 200a 12 volt enersys lead acid battery

MINGDENG 200a 12 volt enersys lead acid battery


1.   How do I decide which system is right for me ?

For protection from long outages, include a generator or solar panels in your Must solar system. Shorter outages can be handled by a battery-only system.

2.    Where my system will be installed ?

Must solar systems are usually wall-mounted near a home's main electrical (circuit breaker) panel.

3. How do I install my system ?

A solar backup inverter is connected to a home electric system , we will supply detailed installation manual and videos for our customers .


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Q:Power test equipment sales to find power supply company which departments?
What kind of power test equipment are you in charge of? Our unit is divided into the experimental class and the automation experiment class
Q:How to run a company that operates electric equipment
Or do not do other electric power equipment, but the company's other power products to pull the business on the line, at the beginning of the sale to the quality of good, and then the price is low, a long time there is profit, customers will have.
Q:The concept of "remote message" in communication and power equipment
Remote signal to speak a little bit is the alarm signal, switch position signal to the control room
Q:On the safety hazards of electric equipment safety
1 prohibited in the overhead power lines on both sides of the area within 300 meters of flying kites. If the illegal flying kite behavior should be stopped at the first time and report to the power sector or local government.2 no unit or individual shall plant trees, bamboo or other tall plants that may endanger the safety of power facilities in the power line protection zones.
Q:The problem of electric power equipment withstand voltage
The air is easy to produce ionization, so it is necessary to improve the insulation level and increase the gap of high voltage electrical apparatus
Q:The production and transportation process of electric power
The transmission of electric energy, which is connected with the transformer, distribution and electricity, constitutes the whole function of the power system. Through the transmission, the far apart (up to several thousand meters) linked to the power plant and the load center, the development of electricity and use beyond the geographical restrictions. Transmission and other energy sources (such as coal, oil etc.) compared to transmission loss, high efficiency, flexible and convenient, easy to control, less environmental pollution; transmission can also connect the power plant in different locations, implementing peak and valley regulation. Transmission is an important embodiment of the superiority of the use of electric energy. In modern society, it is an important energy source.
Q:What are the necessary equipment for power line project?
It must have a climbing tool, such as irons, safety belts, safety helmet; and lifting equipment, such as cranes, hydraulic lift truck, pulley, winch, pole and so on; there must be bearing equipment, such as various tensioners, hand gourd, line cards, traction machine, tension machine;
Q:Part of the rated voltage of the power equipment is marked 10.5kv, and this is similar to the label 10KV power equipment what is the difference?
3, rated voltage transformerRegulations, to accept the power of the primary winding, the output power of the two windings, the general, the primary winding voltage = network voltage, the voltage of the two winding due to the consideration of the loss, higher than the network voltage of 5% to 10%
Q:What is the double name of power equipment?
The double name of equipment refers to the name and number of the equipment.The name of the equipment is Chinese, the number is Arabia. Together is a double name. The same station, will not appear the same name, or the same number, is the only. The only combination of the two can be more accurate.
Q:What are the provisions of the national life of the complete sets of power equipment?
Such as frequency of use, load characteristics, working environment, etc.. The service life of a certain type of equipment must refer to the specifications of the corresponding industry.

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