power bank with flash light

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Product Description:

1. Capacity:2000mah/2200mah/2600mah
2. Materials:Plastic,ABS
3. Battery cell qty:1pcs Li-lion 18650 battery
4.Conversion rate:85%-95%
5.Charging iphone4/4s:Depend on capacity
6. Input:/OutputInput:5V, 800mA  Output: DC 5V, 1A
7. Accessory:One Micro USB cable
8.Indicator/Extra functionsLED emergency flashlight, switch button (power on/power off/indicator)
9. Available Color:Black,White,Blue,Green,Red
10.Devices Supported:Digital devices:iphone.ipad.smartphones,tablet,psp...
11.Protection Functions:Short circuit, over charge/discharge, over-load
Supplier promotional 2600mah power bank with flash light
  • Application:mobile phone, MP3,4, Camera, tablet

  • Socket Type:USB,Mini USB,Micro usb,3pin micro usb,4pin micro USB,5pin

  • Charging for:mobile phone/Tablet PC/MID/MP3/MP4/most of communication devices/DC/DV/Game players

  • Power Bank Safety:Li-ion polymer cell abandon the possibility of exploding Short-circuit protection; Over-current protection;Over-charging protection; Over-discharge protection;

  • Certificate:CE, RoHS, FCC, PSE, depends on Customer's requirement.

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